Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old Friends

I expect you have been waiting to see a picture of my good friend Knutty. Well, here are three.

In this one you can see my nose too.

In this one he is looking down.

In this one he is looking up.

This is a good photo of Biggie.  He is still Big, but that is what he looks like. C'est la vie.

Here is his brother Buddah and Charlotte's rear end and Flash looking a bit concerned what Buddah is going to do next.

Flash has a lot of good expressions....

like Atticus does.

Here is me with my posse

and just me (with Olive and Charlotte in the background) and yes, I will get my hair cut when it gets warmer. But it does not get warmer round here and there is no sign of spring except some snowdrops that are flowers and snow drops out of the sky. Haha.

I hope it is warmer where you live and that you are having fun.





  1. This is just what I need today, to see those happy faces while I wait for the snow flurries that are on the way to Long Island -- Knutty! Olive! Atticus! BUSTER!!

    It's been a long hard Winter and I'm concerned that I haven't seen my backyard possum since last month. I leave food for him in the garage and it gets eaten every night but I used to see him waddle around the patio, "shopping" for whatever it is that possums eat besides the cat food and pizza I give him. When it's too cold for even a possum to wander about then you know it's still COLD.

  2. P.S. It just started to snow here on the north shore of Long Island -- 10:46 am. Got to put the champagne out in the back yard to chill.

  3. Thanks for showing Knutty - he is my second favourite - after you, of course. How much weight did Biggie loose all together? He still looks "big" as you say. Don't tell him I said that - it may hurt his feelings.
    Always fun to visit with you guys.

  4. Thank you Buster, it sure is MUCH warmer where I live. I would welcome some of your snow flakes.
    Of course - I've been hanging out for some photos of good old Knutty and I just bet the humans of some of your other friends photos beg for copies.
    You'll be pleased for your long flowing coat to be shorn come high summer!!
    Take care Buster, you handsome devil.

  5. WOOF BUSTER old pal, Flash can fly- I know about those sorts of ears...I saw a movie one time - an elephant had ears that made him fly! I learn stuff from tv. I saw Biggie on tv one time too! His mom said "a diet, yes" and secretly I said "don't do it! " She must have heard me, though my voice is not very big. I like your winter suit!
    URF, Dexter

  6. awwwwwwwww, gud to see old gud dug friends !
    Biggie looks like he has lost a bit of weight ? I always wondered how he was doing after the dog show visit.
    Monsieur Poirot ummmmm Buster look debonair as always as does Knutty.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. All very nice and everything...Buster and his posse/entourage
    But franchement I would like to just look at Buster on his own some times...OK All the time!

  8. How did you KNOW I'd been wanting to see pics of Knutty again! He is one of my top favourites of your mates. Good to see all of you, and yes I'd hang on to that extra hair for a bit!
    Wishing you warmer weather soon.

  9. I just want to smooch Knutty's nose! :) Hope our warmer weather moves your way soon.

  10. Hi Buster! I just wanted to let you know how good it is to "visit" you here. My pup passed away last weekend, and it is a comfort to me to read about your exploits.

  11. Tell Knutty I just love the freckles on his nose.

    Love from Ramses.