Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Digs

They are doing stuff to my house, like painting the ceiling pink and putting paper on the floor. I do not know why.

This is me in my house looking at it. Anyway

we have moved down the hall to my friend Buck's house.

I am a bit confused.

 Buck is very, very old.

This is what he does most of the time which is lie around doing nothing.

He has got a big gigundo bag of food all for him on the counter. My bag of treats that I was sent in the mail looks very small next to it. ( My treats are almost gone.

On the coffee table I found a thing with teeth in it.

I was going to eat it then they told me not to and put it where I could not reach it.

If you like teeth you would like my friend Milan who has got a lot of teeth. In spite of all the various things going on, I manage to have fun.

This is a bad photo of me and Homer at the park this morning.

Here is a portrait of Darcy that Mum did. I will let you know how I get on at Buck's house.




  1. Hope your home is soon ready for you to return. Looks like all kinds of amazing happening there. Yes, good idea to stay away from those things with sharp teeth. People seem to get upset when you mess with their toys.

  2. a pink ceiling can not be a good sign, I think pink means babies coming or maybe that your people are turning your house into a daycare- that thought gives me the shivers! I saw one of those lizardy heads in the shop where my Mom works- she said "don't touch" , I wasn't going to anyway - they do not squeak. My mom said it costed a lot of biscuits. WOW your old friend is even older than ME! I do not have white whiskers yet. We have birds in the house- they are dumb. That's all, have some fun and woof at stuff!
    happy wags, Dexter.

  3. Please send THEM HERE when they are done! SVP!

  4. Hello Buster.

    Thank you for this bulletin about the changes going on around you.

    I hope that you will be able to return home soon. When Buck takes a nap, do you want to take a nap, too? Or do you wish that he would play?

    The picture of you and Homer looks great. You look like a puppy in that photo.

    That is a charming portrait of Darcy.

    Best wishes.


    I love sleepovers. When my Mom is gone for a bit I get to sleepover at Candy's house. I always have to eat second after Candy but I always get good treats in my food when I do. Mom doesn't eat bacon or a lot of meat with bones but Candy's parents do so I get to share the bacon grease or a nice bone.

    My Mom always comes back so I don't worry any more. Plus I get to play with Candy all day. This is good for her because she is too poofy and needs to lose weight. I'm not sure what lard is but I have checked her behind parts and have not found any lard there. I'm not sure why they keep saying that's where she has it.

    I think your ceiling is very nice but I'm not sure what pink is. I only see blue and green and a little yellow. The living room is green and the bedroom is yellow with a blue ceiling.

    I hope they paint your house in colors you like. And can see.

    Love from Ramses.

  6. Maybe you can teach Buck a few new tricks. Hope your home is ready soon. Remember, there is no place like home, even for you Buster.

  7. Awwwww Buck is so cute.
    Hope you have fun staying over at Buck's but I hope you can go to your own home soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Dear Buster,
    I hope you have a nice time at Buck's house.
    He looks very friendly and kindly.
    Love your photos as always!

  9. I hope the renovations are going well Buster
    sometimes a contractor needs to be growled at, consider it