Monday, August 26, 2013

Back Home

We are now back in our house which does not have much stuff in it except my dog toys. The ceiling is not pink.

It is white.

Anyway, you may well be asking what I have been up to. Mostly nothing. Jasper came over when we were visiting Buck's house. He got on my bed as per usual.

This is him and me.

This is him in my bed.

I got sent another present from Chewy that is like stew and is so mighty tasty that it makes me lick my lips with joy. See below*.

I think dogs in the olden days used to ask for food too.

This is a dog that is made out of china.

This is a cake from a party I did not go to. The cake has got dogs on it because the grownups made friends because they have dogs. If I eat chocolate I sneeze and then I am sick. But I would eat it anyway.

This is Jada at the park this morning looking noble.

This is part of me. Mum has a new filter on her phone. Oh dear! That is pretty much all that is going on round here. I'm sorry that things are not more exciting, but I am well, as I hope you are.




ps. We get treats  as presents from Chewy but do not get money. This food is by Orijen.


  1. Just seeing you and reading your commentary is exciting, Buster. Missed you, lots!

  2. Hi Buster, wag, wag. That is a funny picture of that other guy on your bed! He is smiling a funny smile and we laughed. This is how I laugh,"queh,queh, queh", because my nose is short. I wish you could go to the lake with me- I do not swim because it makes me wet, but you could! There are fish in there- you could chase them! Not much going on in this house, our ceiling is also white. Your dinner looks yummy, my person cooks fresh dinner for me every day, because I am spoiled a lot.I like ketchup!

  3. So happy to see a post from you. Your day sound just wonderful.
    Your "new" old home looks lovely.
    Dinner looks quite yummy.

    woofs from Watson and thehamish
    cheers, parsnip

  4. Your new old home looks swell! Your dinner looks even better!!! I had a bladder stone once so I cannot have good looking food. I have something they tell me is "special" from the vet. They also tell me how lucky I am when they give me carrots or green beans, which I don't really think is all that lucky.... Your friend, Jasper, looks especially mischievous in those photos..... I've missed seeing you and your friends and I'm sure glad you're back! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  5. Hello Buster.

    It's good to know that you are back home, and that the ceiling is not pink. Pink is fine for flowers and some other things, but maybe not so fine for ceilings.

    The photo that you mom took of you licking your lips has made me laugh. I took another look and laughed again. Do the folks who make that food know how wonderful you look when you do lick those lips of yours? They should.

    I hope to see you soon.

  6. Dog smiles are the best. Thanks for sending us yours.

  7. Your house is coming along very nicely Buster, and between you and me I was mighty relieved to see that you didn't let your human retire you and your blog! Keep your eye on her Buster! :)

  8. Drear Buster,
    You look as good as ever!
    Why is there an unhappy face on the wall?
    I hope it goes away soon

    1. The face is one of Dad's paintings. The 'eyes' are 'bulldog' clips.....hee her

  9. I think it is wonderful you share your bed with Jasper.

    When I go to Candy's house she would let me lay on one of her many beds if I wanted to, but I don't want to because they are her beds. So I lay beside them.

    That cake looks delicious. My Mom wants a piece right now just looking at it. Which of the little dogs is supposed to be you?

    I like the china dog. I like the way he looks at his person just the way I look at my Mom.

    Candy has to have her eye out on Thursday. There is something growing behind it that is making it push out and it hurts her. She can't see out of it any more. My Mom says not to worry. She will feel all better when it is gone and we will dress her as a pirate for Halloween. I hope she will be OK. Her Daddy loves her so much. I love her too. We chase and wrestle every Saturday when I go to her house to eat treats at dinner time. But last Saturday she didn't feel like playing so I was very quiet and let her rest. I hope she is better soon. She is my bestest only friend.

    Except for you, of course.

    Love from Ramses

    1. Buster says he is sorry for Candy but a pirate costume will be really cool.

    2. Thank you. My Mom called today and they said she's doing just fine.

      We're going to call her "winky" now.

      I get to go visit on Saturday to see how she winks at me.

  10. Hi, Buster! Thanks for the welcome back message...I'm glad to be back! I can't wait to get to know you better. My momma says you are as handsome as ever and she just wants to snuggle with you. That food looks very tasty!

    Happy Tails!


  11. mmm the orijen looks good - we dont get it here. Meeting new people through your dogs is the best.

  12. Your blog is so cute, Buster!! I enjoyed reading about you!