Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some Curious Things by Buster

There are some things I have noticed lately.

Baxter is one of the smallest dogs at the park. Massimo is very big.

Baxter is tougher than Massimo. I do not know why Massimo has weird stuff on his ears. 

This is Enzo thinking about going fishing for a rock.

This is Charlotte outside the bagel shop. If you look at Izzy very carefully you will notice that her eyes are different. I do not know why that is because most people's eyes match.

Now, this is the most curious thing. One of these pictures is of me. The other three are of Beau. Mum took them yesterday.

These pictures  are two of Matty, one of Beau and one of me. Can you guess which are which? Today is the last day of summer.

I hope you are having fun and are looking forward to fall.





  1. Buster, I knew which picture was you right away. I couldn't miss your noble profile.

  2. Hi Buster, My Mom said that when she worked for a dog dogtor that the dogtor would not cut and shape the ears of those kinds of other dogs, said it was cruel and vain and mean and stuff. Like removing the claws from a cat ( which , by the way, sounds good to me). You are so sniffable- I like to wag in your face. I fell over and couldn't get up very fast the other morning time. My mom was worried, but I am fine and she gave me a special treat.Sometimes I forget how to bark so I say this " fuf fuf" and we laugh and laugh!
    Love, your pal

  3. Massimo is a very handsome dog and I still think Charlotte is beautiful. All of your friends are very unique and I love Izzy's eyes. Mine are actually two different colors as well - one is more blue and one is more green. But I settle for hazel. Happy first day of Fall!! The leaves are turning up here already and they are beautiful.

  4. Hello Buster.

    It was great fun to see you last week. You are a great host, and also good to take walks with.

    Isn't it great that it is officially autumn? You are an autumn color, and that is a compliment.

    Watch out for Fatty and lots of Fatty look-alikes. They get busy this time of year. Acorns seem to be their focus.

    Massimo is amazing. Well, Buster, all of your pals are amazing. When will the pools at the park be closed for the season? It was pretty hot today, so I hope the pools are open now.

    Best wishes.

  5. Oh, Massimo's poor ears. There really is no reason to do that any more. Not even for the shows.

    Candy still won't play with me, but I keep trying. I guess she is still a little tired. Mom Says we'll go over during the day so we can play in the back yard during the day light. Maybe she'll chase me then because she can see better.

    I spotted you every time. I am very good that way.

    Love from Ramses.

  6. Those are some interesting things you've noticed. I noticed that you are as handsome as ever!

  7. So much adoration...
    One is at a loss for words.
    One does wish you could take yourself off to Paris.
    I know you would be doubly adored!

  8. Love all the gud dug photos today !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. You are the one with the adorable ears!


  10. Buster's appetite for life and observation is what keeps me coming back. love,D xxx

  11. Of course I can tell you from everyone else, Buster!

    We met a dog before who had a taped tail. The owner said it was to stop him banging it against things and getting hurt. Maybe it's the same with your friend who has somewhat floppy ears? I thought he was trying to look like a cow hahaha.

    Hugs x