Sunday, September 8, 2013

Banking and Other Things That Confuse Me

We went to the bank

which is down the road. I do not know much about banking.

I do not have any money.

I was trying very hard to understand what was going on.

You can tell that I am now getting a glazed look.

In fact, the thought of money makes my head spin.

Then we saw a picture of a dog that is very odd.

After that we went to the park and me and Enzo and Charlotte begged for bits of lamb lung from James and he gave us some.

Here is Enzo as per usual.

Here is him and Rigby that he likes.

Linda made Mum take a portrait of Biggie and Buddah.

This is me and Olive on the big rock. I am drooling.

So she told me to get down.

This is her on the rock by herself. Otherwise things are good around here and the weather is nice and I got a good new stick this morning.

This morning Knutty came over that we have not seen for a while. Here we are waiting for a treat. It was good to see him.

I hope you are well and having fun.





  1. Awwwwww I don't understand banking either but the rest of your day looked great !

    cheers parsnip
    woof, Watson and thehamish

  2. Hi, Buster! Its good to see you. I've never been to the bank but I bet it would make my head spin too. Looks like you had a fun time at the park and I'm glad you were able to see Knutty!

  3. Good evening Buster,

    Banks and all that goes on there that we see, and that we do not see, is very mysterious. The banks like it like that.

    It's grand to see the great photos that your mom took of you and your pals over at the park. Even the one of you drooling.

    When will the pools be taken away from the park? I think that we've got some more hot days left when it might be fun to splash.

    Best wishes.

  4. Don't feel left out Buster, er I don't have any 'money' either and the Banks aren't very friendly here - they charge you money if you want to talk to a real person. Honest. I don't know how they can charge me when I don't have any (money)
    I was so happy you went to the park afterwards, high finance makes anyone's head spin.
    I bet everyone says what a striking couple you and Ms Olive make.
    -woof- -pats-

  5. Nice to see Knutty again. He looks well. I have missed him.
    Lamb lung? Boots likes fresh liver every once in a while.
    Have fun!!

  6. When I go to the bank I get biscuits! EVERY TIME! And my Mum gets salt water taffy, the bank folks pet me and tell me "good boy", though I hear that a lot it never get's tiresome. I feel like I have been to a big party after reading, (sniffing) your blog today! So much friends! wurf! and wags! Dexter.

  7. Does anybody understand banking? I think even the ones who do are just pretending so they can get more of my money. I really like the drooling photo.

  8. Hi dear Buster!
    I always love to see you and your friends!
    Many hugs and many kisses to you.

  9. Banking is when you bury your bones in the back yard instead of chewing them.

    I always hope when I dig them up, I'll have more bones, but I never do. Just the one I buried.

    I think banking is kinda like that.

    Love from Ramses.

    (BTW, Winky is fine. Her tumor was benign.)


  10. lamb lung....yum yum... says Bruce, not me.