Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Winter

It is still winter round here.

We have had snow and snow and snow. I like it.

Dad does not like it. So they went away and Liisa and Kimmo looked after me. Kimmo is a famous Finnish guitarist. This is true. Here is his latest song video. I am not in it but my house is!


  1. Puddles is very beautiful/handsome as are all your friends. Nice to see you having so much fun in the snow. Remember, don't eat the yellow snow...;o)

  2. Olive is so sweet. I love her name and her face is so lovely.
    Puddles is a perfectly named.
    And as always you love fabulous, Monsieur Poirot.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Are you inlove with Olive Buster? - if you're not you should be. She's totally ooh-la-la gorgeous!
    Oh how I would love to be leaping and jumping and rolling around in that lovely crunchy cool white stuff with you.
    Ah, they left you (again) Buster.........oh dear.

  4. boots for Buster?
    I guess they've given up putting salt down in town..
    Here salt goes only of the frits/French fries ;)

  5. Hi Buster,
    I am a little envy of you, there is no snow here, the temperature is 14 C (57 F).
    Enjoy the winter, spring is coming soon.

    Greetings to your family!
    Majoros László

  6. BUSTER! Buddy! We are not having white stuff here, just blowyness and water drips. My mum said she has had enough and is going WITHOUT ME to seek the sun. She has a bag, WITHOUT ME IN IT, by the door. You look like you are having a grand time with your other people. WURF and wags, DEXTER

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun while your humans were away Buster. You would not have like it here as it has rained for 2 months.

  8. wuf king B,

    err, how shall i put this... i smelled you on my people. you smell like a nice guy. i like snow too but we don't have much of it. it would have been fun to run with you in the dog run, i could have shown you a trick or two...but i don't like cars so i don' think i would have liked the plane ride.

    bossy woman tells me you were a really good boy and that you didn't pull at all when walking. hmpr... i think i'm a good boy, too. besides paps doesn't mind me pulling, so there! paps plays a lot of guitar, but i think you know that. sometimes when i've had enough i take a toy and toss it at his guitar. then paps stops and plays with me. hope you did this too!

    well, you can have my people again, i had fun with grandma!

    all the best
    the dog

    ps. bossy woman and paps say to tell they miss you and that your folks should give a belly rub to you (i like them too!)