Thursday, March 20, 2014

The return of ENZO

A whole month has gone by since I wrote anything
which is because my mum is lazy and does not help me.

It has been pretty dull around here.

Sometimes I look out of the window with my dad to see if there are any dogs or if anything is happening.
It is still not warm. The only good thing that has happened is that Enzo is back from his leg operation.

As you can see, he walks like he usually does.

Here he is running round with some dogs like Fowler and George.

This is our swimming pool upside down with Fowler on top of it.

This is us wanting snacks.

Enzo ate his already.

Here are some portraits of Enzo to show how many different expressions he has.

That is all for now. I hope it is spring by you. It is not spring here.

I hope you are having fun.





  1. Enzo is a smiling sort of dog. My mom really loves your window photo, so much that she woke me up and said "LOOK". I went back to sleep.
    woof and sniff,

  2. Congrats to Enzo and a speedy recovery.

    He does have a very nice smile.

    You can tell him I said so.

    Love from Ramses

  3. Buster, I always perk up, when I see you have gotten your mom to help you post your blog!
    I love it that you are part of a dog community. Enzo looks as if he gets his eyebrows done!?

  4. Jolly good news about Enzo Buster. Lucky you are still sporting that snazzy shaggy coat if its still not warm there and I adore your profile at the window! Keep your muzzle up Buster, it'll warm up soon!

  5. I am always happy to see your blog on my reader !
    I adore the photo of you and your Dad looking out the window !

    woof, Watson and thehamish
    cheers, parsnip

  6. I sympathize with the writing delays, Buster, my team holds me back sometimes too. The photos are great as usual, and I really like that one of you and your dad at the window.

  7. Buster, it's been fun to see this update from you.

    Now that it's spring, officially, I think that you will be finding much more to blog about. Meanwhile, it's good to see the return of Enzo. I really like the photo of the swimming pool upside down and the photo of your and your dad looking out the window. I know that there is a great view there, and I would also want to check out that view pretty often.

    Hoping to see you soon. Best wishes.

  8. You are looking a bit "fluffy" Buster. It's your winter coat isn't it. Still tons of snow here. But my friend saw a chipmunk so that is a good sign that spring is just around the … corner?

  9. Hi dear Buster, I am glad to hear the good news about Enzo!
    Love seeing your photos too. You look adorable and very relaxing on the chair. Looks nice to look out of the window with your dad too.
    Have a good week dear Buster!