Sunday, June 1, 2014

The News from Round Here

I see it is a long time since I have done a blog.
That is because Mum is lazy.

Anyway, now the weather is better, we have been to the park a lot. You can see that me and Olive are ignoring the rambunctious young ones like Puddles  and Jasper and Fowler. Jasper and Fowler are not twins but they could be. They are wild.

Sometimes I play fight with Jasper.

Mostly he play fights with Fowler.

When I get home I am tired and have to lie down.

A funny thing happened the other day. When we were going to the park, there was a mirror thrown away. But there were three of me in it. I have not seen this before.

It is the time of year when the sun makes stripes

which are mostly on the back of Moroccan cushions.

We went to the florist, where the cat is, to buy flowers for someone who does not feel well. The cat looked at me.

This is a painting in oils of me that was done Patty who saw my blog. Mum says it is just like me. Dad says it is very good, but my tail is bigger. She does a lot of pictures of dogs.

It is the first day of June.

I hope you have a good summer.





  1. Buster, don't call you Mum lazy. Time not blogging is more time with you. And 3 of you is pretty neat, even if it is in a mirror. You have a good summer too.

  2. Buster, you do have quite a passel of handsome friends. How fortunate you are!

  3. My mum thinks that you are the best big dog of the lot and likes very much, your nose. There is a building , it is pink, it is is one of your photos in the background. I want to live there and come over to sniff you. IT takes me a long time to sniff properly now, my nose is not as grand as yours. It is great to get to be 100 or so people years old, they give you steak for your supper!

  4. That is a very handsome painting of you.

    My Mom says someday she'll have me painted too.

    You should stare right back at that cat. Cats need to be stared at.

    Love from Ramses (who would like to play fight with Jasper and Fowler)

  5. Buster, you've been blogging for a long time. I remember when you were just a puppy, and you still have a puppyish look to your face.

  6. Buster, I predict that June is going to be a month full of fun. The pools at the park will be full and ready for splashing. You might even want to be splashing around with those cute "twins," and be able to encourage Olive to be rambunctious. Yes!

    That other soulful side of you will be encouraging your mom to take lots more marvelous photographs of you. Think they are called portraits. Those rambunctious ones are more action shots.

    Best wishes. Hope to see you soon.

  7. Buster, so good to hear all is well - lots of fun you and your friends are having in the warmer weather.
    I can understand the frustrations of being a famous NYC blog-dog and having a lazy Mum/writer. -sigh-
    You are now immortalised on canvas! How exciting. I will expect a picture of where it has been ceremoniously hung.
    -woof- -pats-

  8. Hi dear Buster, love seeing your photos and how you have much fun with your friends.
    Your picture looking to the mirror is just amazing!
    Love also you on the cushion.
    Great painting of you too.
    Lots of hugs, dear Buster!

  9. Buster I think you would rather go to the park than have your Mum on the computer.
    The Square Ones are missing their daily walk for a long time now because it is way too hot to walk even in the evening, At lest you get to walk to the park and have a nice pool to stand in.

    Your Mum is very good to you.
    woof, Watson and thehamish

  10. Nice painting of you Buster! You are really famous!
    Have a good summer and your family too!

  11. Dear Buster,
    Summer looks good where you are - you get to play with a lot of friends. The naps are good, too.
    I would have tried to chase that cat because I don't like them very much.

    Summer's good out here so far. Mom's taken me for walks on the beach and even though I don't like to get my paws wet, I chased some Canada geese around a bay the other day!

    See you later, we have to go weed in the garden now.
    love, Isla

  12. Buster,
    Don't let your Mum get blog pressure. It's such a silly thing to have. Walk pressure and the kind of pressure a dog emits when you have warm toast in your hand is good pressure.