Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Cat and More Snow

This is a cat we saw at the vet when I had my check up.
Mum said it was like Gomez a cat who lived to be 18,
 but this cat has a family who want to adopt him.
This is just as well or else Mum might have taken him home.

This is Dad holding me while Mum puts my boots on so the
 'ice-melt' does not burn my paws.

This is me and Sidney. I have got the blue ball.

This is Flash when he has the ball.

This is me and Walter and a new dog called Ike who was very tough.

This is me on the way home.
I hope you are having fun too.

ps. I won


  1. I do like those booties you have on. They are my favorite colour! You have too much snow- we have too little- where is it just right?
    I went to the post office and behaved nicely- they gave me a chewins.
    I love you Buster,

  2. Yeah Buster, congratulations on winning! You look so darn cute when your getting your boots on- and you look like you're flying around the park with your friends. Glad you're having a good winter.

  3. Buster, your blue boots are quite fetching. No pun intended.
    Edward had his yearly check-up at the vet today as well! He bounded into the wrong room.... and there was a c.a.t. on the table! Yikes! But all was well, we made it into the correct room and no one got hurt!!

  4. Buster, I think that you are always the winner, even when the games aren't underway.

    Ike will need to get to know you and your friends. Thaw him out a bit.

    Glad that your paws are being kept safe. Isn't today's snow wonderful?

    Best wishes.

  5. Hi Buster,

    Lots of cool pictures and pretty dogs! We have really missed you buddy so don't be a stranger okay?

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  6. You won, Fabulous.

    Love your blue booties very fetching...

    cheers, two square dogs

  7. your boots are wonderful! and they match the ball - you can accessorize!! bravo!

    the cat is very cute, I'm glad he is getting a home

    have fun in the snow Buster

  8. Buster - you are a good dog to wear the boots without trying to tear them off! I am sure that your feet feel much better without the "ice-melt" getting between your toes!

  9. Buster, do you like wearing the blue boots? I don't think I would. They sure look good on you. And that cat is lucky to have someone to take him home.

  10. Hey, we missed this kitty pix last week...he's in a kitty condo at the vet, poor kitty...