Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Bad Stuff

Saturday started off OK. I went to the park and
 played with my friends like Walter and Sid and Knut.
Then Mum decided I had to go to the vet.
The vet said I had to stay there. Mum went home.
When she came to get me, I had to wear this stupid halo.
I had dog morphine.

Then Mum and Dad took off the halo because it made me cry.
They said I am the 'poster boy for pathetic'.

Here I am looking out of the window. I am pretty much better
but am not allowed to go to the dog park for a week.
But Knutty is coming over later.

I hope you are well and will have a good week.


  1. oh no!! what happened?
    I'm glad you're OK
    and I'm sure Knutty will cheer you up
    and Mum and Dad will take good care of you

    feel better

  2. Dear Buster,
    Hope you are okay, we hate those halo things too.
    You look like you might have some beagle somewhere in you and we know how to whine really good.
    Those vets say dog lick is not good, but we know
    better. Hope you are back to your old self soon.


  3. Get Well Soon Buster. Oat pat goes my hand on your head. (It's okay to be petted isn't it? The vet didn't say no petting?)

  4. oh dear

    i dropped by to pet buster's sweet head
    and found he looked so sad


    it melted my heart...

    {{ you did know that would happen! }}

    hope he is back in the park

  5. Oh, no, Buster Buddy, not the lampshade! I've never seen you look so forlorn. Hope you're feeling better soon. xox

  6. Dear Buster,

    I'll tell you a secret. It is actually a party hat. It just needs some stickers and permanent marker to dress it least that is what my vet said when I had to wear one. After it is decorated, it is almost as good as you and me are at making people laugh. That makes it more fun to wear.

    Dog licks from Gracie!

  7. OH NO! The cone of shame! URF!Why you are like that? What kind of thing happened to you to make you poster boy for sad?
    I smell stinky- I could send you some, my person calls it doggie poo perfume, I like it!

  8. Dexter's right, "The Cone of Shame." So sorry. Glad you did not have to wear it long. Happens to the best of us (the shame, not what the vet did to you). Get well. Get that tail waggin' soon.

  9. Oh Dear,
    what was wrong with you? I hope you are not as sick as my dad (read mum's blog about him)? You look so sad. I hope you will be better real soon.
    Sending you licks and wags from Germany,
    Gizmo and mum
    * * * * *

  10. Oh Buster, that is very sad. The crying worked to get that thing off your head though...good job! I hope you are better soon. I'm sure Knutty will cheer you up!

  11. Good Job with the "Boo Boo Kitty" look, it always helps in removing "The Cone Of Shame"...

    Get well soon !

    Woofs. . . The Boys !

  12. Buster!
    What happened to you??
    You sure look not very happy!
    I hope everything is ok and you will be like new in no time!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. I hope you are well too, Buster. I'm glad you Mum and Dad recognized your "pathetic"ness and took off the halo.

  14. And I can still see where the cannula went on on your wrist.

    Hope you are milking this for all it's worth!

  15. uh got a hurtie someplace? Did the snow cut your toes? Hope you are out of your party hat by now, sad puppy!

  16. Take care, Buster... I'm sure the dog park misses you!

    Licks, hero

  17. Poor Buster, what happened? Get well soon!

  18. Hello Buster,

    Hoping that you are feeling much better soon, and that the plastic cone has been put somewhere far away from you.

    Some really sweet dogs (fun, too) came by the shop recently. One of them was a nine year old beagle who surprised me with some kisses.

    We miss you at the shop. The pretty young lady who usually gives you many biscuits will be leaving us in a couple of weeks. Take note. You might want to wish her well, and find another person who will grant you all your future biscuit wishes.

    Best wishes.

  19. Awe Buster, you look so sad. You get better real quick so you can get back playing with your friends.