Sunday, February 21, 2010

I go to the Park and then go House Hunting

This is the usual sort of day at the park. I can see Chip and Gomez and Mia.

This is me and Knutty walking home.
I have got the stick. Knutty wants it.

This is a picture of Knutty

This is me standing at the top of some steps. 
I live in an apartment. I would like to live in a town house.
Knutty does not like climbing up steps.

I do not live here either. But maybe they will let me in.

I hope you are well.


  1. Is that just wishful thinking, Buster, or are you really house
    hunting! I love the thought of living in a town house, too.

  2. Reminds me of Piglet and Pooh going for a walk on a blustery day. There are certainly plenty of beautiful homes to see. Guess the Hundred Acre Woods is in Central Park. Have a good one!

  3. Happy house hunting Buster. I hope you find one near the dog park!

  4. Love your blog Buster, we had snow here in Norwich, UK too today, not as much as you by the looks of it. Hope your paws didn't get too cold

  5. My mom takes us "house hunting" too. I don't get it. We drive to a house, and if no one lives there, we go to the door, go in the yard, look in the windows, but never inside. Where is the thing we chase? Is it a squirrel? A stranger cat? (I am not allowed to chase cats, though. Especially my sister cat.) A bunny? When do I get to run and chase something?

    Did you see anything to chase?

    Dog licks, Gracie

  6. Sometimes we wish we lived in an New York Apartment. There's nothing like a good old stoop to sit on and watch the other doggies go by.

    Riley and Star.

  7. if you were at my door I would let you in
    I wouldn't want you to leave

    your friends are all wonderful

  8. You have such fun with your friends at the park and with Knutty! So - did anyone let you in or not?

  9. Good evening Buster. No, don't wake up, you need your rest.

    Forget about that house-hunting. You've got a lovely home, and ... click those blue boots of yours together (no, just a bit a of joke) and remember that there's no place like home.

    Best wishes.

  10. Buster! looking good as always, I hope you find a house you like. Will you mum and dad be moving with you?

  11. I am sure you would open any door you wanted with your cute face...