Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Odds and Ends, My Big Stick and Looking at Things

Someone painted a picture of this purple  dog and it is in a window in Tappan. 

That is where Henry lives with Joba. In eleven days I will go there.

This cat looks at me a lot when I walk by. I think maybe it has evil intentions.

The stick that I am working on is so big you cannot see all of it.

You can tell I am pleased with it.

We went to a pet expo two weeks ago and saw lots of dogs. 
We saw CesarMilan in the distance. He is on TV. 
Then we saw dogs that have a pedigree and know they are super handsome. But they looked kind too.

 I do not have a pedigree,  but I have a noble profile.

I hope you are not too hot.



  1. a purple dog! that is my favorite color Buster

    I think all dogs have a pedigree, they are all wonderful

    Henry is very cute

  2. Buster, that is a wonderful painting of the purple dog. Thank you for pointing it out; you have a good eye, in addition to the noble profile.

  3. Cesar Milan makes my people laugh and say things like "see, Dex, this is how naughty dogs are trained...pshhht!" They never do that to me because I am good.
    Did you get to sniff him?
    Your stick is BIG- I might need to send you another stick from the beach- they are salty and fun to chew.
    Have a woofy time seeing your human baby. He will pull your fur...

  4. That's a long stick you're working on, Buster... the NYC Pet Show sounds interesting... pedigree or not, you're one fine dawg.

    Licks, hero

  5. Cats are evil. I went to make friends with one once. I just sniffed his bum, and he went all crazy on me! He told me I was invading his privacy or something. Pffft!

    Pedigrees are over rated. Mixed breeds avoid lots of breed-specific ailments! And we're rather attractive too!

    Yay for Cesar! Channy and I are soooo jealous! I'm glad I wasn't there, though. If Channy had seen him, she would have dragged me over in a cloud of shameless squealing.

    Grand Bisous!

  6. Love your smile, Buster. And your noble profile. Pedigrees are overrated. Watch out for the evil cat. He may not run away like Fatty the Squirrel.

  7. the non pedigree ones are smarter, Buster...

  8. Hello Buster.

    It is pretty warm in this apartment but not too hot.

    Last week I walked by the place where that pet expo was happening and in front of me was a small dog wearing pink boots. That small dog was walked right into the expo. It was not a rainy day, it was not a snowy day, and I really wished that that small dog could have had his/her feet actually touching the sidewalk.

    Your profile is very, very noble. And Buster, you know that I think that your presence is even more noble. Not too noble now ... have fun splashing in the water.

    Best wishes.

  9. Happy Wednesday, Buster!
    Pedigree?? What is that?? Ooops!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Henry looks so beautiful! I bet you will have a great time with him.

    Love your photo from perfil! Did I told you that I LOVE your fluffy ears? It looks so soft...
    Really seeing you I am sure you have a noble heart and a nice personality!
    Kisses and hugs.

  11. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.June 3, 2010 at 4:27 AM

    Who cares about pedigrees? Your face makes my mom smile. She thinks you're one handsome guy.

    P.S. Not all cats have evil intentions. I have one, she even plays with me sometimes. But only on her terms....

  12. We are much too hot down here in Mobile. But that's the way it goes in the South.

  13. You do have a noble profile Buster. Seeing it makes me smile.

  14. Thank you for the wishes that we aren't too hot. Of course, down here in Texas - it is getting pretty darn toasty. It is nearly 100 degrees pretty much every day and that is HOT! At least you have your little pool to stay cool in!

  15. Your Henry looks like he smells really nice and
    new. Also, I'll bet his toes are tempting. Have fun visiting your family!

  16. dear buster, i think you look very noble and i see you like sticks too! if you were here, i would definitely ask if you would be [one of] my boyfriend[s]. xox

  17. That purple dog is just totally great.