Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer and Me and Other Stuff

Lots of us like the pool.

We are water dogs.
You can see a picture of me playing soccer in the water here !
This is because it is the World Cup.

This looks like a good bookshop.

This is Fatty doing her Houdini imitation. I still do not like her.

This is Jasper who I do like. I let him bite my stick.

This is a dog Mum met on her bike ride. It is not me. You can tell by the collar .
Can you believe it?

Hope you are having fun.



  1. Playing with water in the pool is the best on a hot summer day, Buster... and I must say you have great dribbling skill with the ball in water :)

    That's not you!... seriously!... then it must be your long lost twin!

    Licks, hero

  2. Buster, that last dog must be a relation of yours, don't you think?!

  3. Buster, I love seeing you in that video! You would make a great goalie. Maybe we will see you next year at the World Cup.
    I thought that dog was you too. But on closer inspection, I think you have longer ears and are much more handsome.

  4. I am smiling a BIG SMILE! I love the soccer video. There should be a pool in the soccer stadium. It really adds a lot to the game.

    Cool your found your twin. Are you the evil twin or is he? :D Or is fatty the only evil one?

    I hope we get pool warm weather soon. I'm sooooo tired of shoes and socks. My toes want freedom like doggie toes.

  5. Hi, Buster!
    Having fun in the pool is pawesome, right?
    Maybe that doggie is your twin!
    Have a great day!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. It will only be 103 today in Tucson and we Scotties who never swim in Mum's pool... might like a very small pool like the one you play soccer in. You were really good.
    We like games that have a ball.
    Even if we were robbed in the game against Slovenia... bad bad ref... as Mum said ! ? ?
    I guess he didn't get a cookie after the game like we did.

    cheers, Watson and Hamish

  7. Water Soccer! What a great invention! And now you are a famous movie star too. Way to go Buster!

  8. I can't beleive that dog looks so much like you Buster, are you sure you're not related?

  9. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.June 21, 2010 at 5:21 AM

    You're pool is the best! I wish I was there!
    I'm sure that look-a-like pooch was just a trick done with mirrors...
    P.S. My mom says she wants to visit that bookstore - Lyle was her very favorite!!

  10. your Mum is such a good photog
    I love all the shadows and soft light

    that dog sure does look like you
    but there is only one Buster!

  11. ahahah!

    I love the fatty updates....

  12. Buster -

    You are a very talented soccer player. Don't be surprised if the USA soccer team comes scouting soon!

    I thought that last picture was you until you pointed out that the collar was different. How odd!

  13. my goodness, buster! that is a very excellent bookshop you can tell. i wish there was one like that where i live even though i can't read.

    i have a bath in something that looks like your pool. it's called pipi. i get nervous everytime i see pipi being brought out.

    till the next time, big hug xox

  14. You lead a very exciting and stimulating life...makes us almost wish we were doggies...