Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art, Rat, Water

My sister has come to stay and it is very hot so
 I have not been in the mood to write very much lately.

This is my sister and Gomez but he is looking the other way.

I do not often make comments about fashion because
 I am not a very fashionable sort of guy.
Few of us dress up to go to the dog park. But sometimes girls wear stuff that you notice.
This is a hair bow.

This is me letting Charlotte Maude drink out of the paddling pool.
She is very important because she has two names.

This is me looking golden in the morning light.

This is Harlan lying in the water and blocking up the drain.
He is one of the biggest dogs I know.

I hope this does not scare you. It is not really a rat, but it is a rubber pretend rat.
I saw it when we were on our way to the park.

You will like this picture I did. It is of a llama being taken for walk by a creature.
I did it all myself on the window with my nose. Dad had cleaned the window
so I had space to do it. Then I added stuff to it and it is now messed up.




  1. EEEKKK! That huge rat did scare me - just a little bit. I am glad that you weren't scared. You are a brave dog.

    Stay cool!

  2. I must say that Rat was kind of scary! The littles at my house make those same kind of drawings on the windows..they especially like to do it after I've cleaned them :)

  3. Hi Buster, it sure is muggy where I live too. That pool looks extra nice. Maybe the rat would look less scary if he (or she) had a bow?

  4. It looks like you have quite the stylish dog park! I don't think the dogs are dressed that well out here in Chicago.

  5. Stay cool Buster, you look very handsome in the wading pool. I don't like the water which is silly because I am part lab, but I just lay under the ceiling fan all day. Phil and pals.

  6. That's the best art you've ever done. So realistic.
    In my art class we're working on Designed Realism. I think that's what you did...and without an art class!

  7. <3 reading about you and your adventures Buster! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. My family especially likes Lamas, why ? We do not know. You art was very good and we all liked it.
    In Tucson it is very hot and we are black and have very short legs. We stay in the house on the cool tiles ...
    You are lucky to have a park with a pool !

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  9. Oh, Buster, I just love you and your blog! I look forward to your posts and your art. I'm sorry you are hot but it's wonderful that your sister is visiting. Have fun.

  10. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.July 7, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    I am not quite sure, but that llama looks a little bit more like an alpaca to me......

  11. I love the nose art very much, I do...I am out in the country now with a big dog and cows and big things like tractors and geese and forests taller than the sky, it has been cold- down comforters and heavy woolen blankets at night time...I like your fashion best!You are the best looking dog I ever did see.

  12. Missed hearing about your big adventures these past few days. Love your artwork. Stay COOL Buster!

  13. How gallant you are Buster, to let Ms. Charlotte Maude have a drink from the wadding pool. Love the llama and creature instillation/performance art. Very contemporary and sophisticated. I hope you are all staying cool enough.

  14. Hi, Buster!
    Hot days... not funny, right?
    Glad you have a pool there for a refreshing splash!
    I love your artwork!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. That was a HUGE rat... kinda scary too... I bet you get extra cuddles now with sister around :)... your abstract art work is beautiful, Buster.

    Licks, hero

  16. I love the golden photo! Hope you are all keeping cool.

  17. I like your new window paintings...I do smaller
    paintings on the car window. I follow the nose in
    art and in life. Ah, but my people clean them off.
    Misunderstood that we are...

  18. you are very beautiful in the morning light
    it is so very hot here too
    stay cool

  19. Hi Buster,
    My auntie Claire is friends with your sister Claudia, so I think that means that we are automatically friends too! My name is Womble, and my best friend is called Monkey. My auntie Claire says to say hello to your sister Claudia and hopes that she is having a lovely break in New York. I've never been to New York, I don't think I'd like flying so will probably never meet you, which is sad, but I'll keep sending messages, which is happy! I really like your artwork and look forward to seeing some new pieces.
    I've got to go and guard my mum and dad's garden from the local cats and fox now. Hope you're well and not too hot. Luv Womble xx

  20. Buster- you would look so pretty with a bow in your hair. Think about it!

  21. Hello Buster.

    It must be great to have your sister in town. It also must be great to have the weather just a little bit cooler this evening.

    As always, I love the pictures of your pals. The picture of you looking very golden is very good. Please let your mom know what a grand picture it is.

    I also like your window painting. You might want to keep that compliment to yourself.

    Best wishes.

  22. ''''She is very important
    because she has two names'''

    well, yeah!


    bonnie beth ♥

    {{ my cat makes art
    like that, too.

    maybe you know him--->
    spike~the~cat }}

  23. it is clearly a llama being taken for a walk by a large bird wearing a top hat



  24. Buster, I enjoy your writing and your art so much. I hope now that the worst of the heat wave is over that you'll feel more like writing.
    Keep cool and write again soon.

  25. Buster, I sure hope things are cooling off for you by now. That rat is scary. Why would someone want that on top of their car? Strange, very strange. That new painting you did is wonderful! I've missed seeing your art.