Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Interesting Things You Might Want to Know

This is another dog called Buster. Can you believe it?

Sometimes I look out of the window to see if anyone I know is out there.

But a lot of people have been in my house lately.
This is Claudia.

This is Henry. 

When we went to the park Claudia  took some pictures.
This is me when I have been in the pool. I am licking Mum's hand.

This is Gomez. You can probably tell that because he has been in the blog lots of times before.

This photo was taken on Saturday. It is not fall yet even though it looks like it.
It is more peaceful round here now but a bit dull.
In honor of the WORLD CUP I have got another video of me playing soccer 

I hope you are having fun too.



  1. I see you have visitors at your house, Buster... I bet you get lots of extra cuddles too... Nothing beats a nice dip in the cool water on a hot summer day.

    Licks, hero

  2. Henry is so handsome! He has grown up so much. You two will have great times together when he gets on his feet. Lol at the pool soccer. Well done!

  3. The other Buster, Gomez, and Henry all have super tongues. Too bad we don't see yours when you are licking your Mum!

    I like that you have a pool to cool off in - it looks like a lot of fun. I swim every day.

  4. I learned how to put my head underwater to get my ball this week. Remember not to breath the first time you try it. It isn't pleasant....
    Henry is getting even cuter. I would really like to sniff him.

  5. Hi Buster, It looks like you're diving into the pool- Too bad it's not deep enough for some real paddling! I think Gomez is such a fun name for a dog. Of course, Buster's a great name too!
    - Dovey + Baby Bird

  6. Venho acompanhando o Blog desde Março,acho lindo!tem uma boa proposta. Amo animais,especialmente cães. Só possuo um porque resido em um apt., assim que puder mudar para uma casa pretendo adotar mais um para fazer companhia ao meu pudy. ele é um poodle porte médio,brincalhaõ,adorável. bjos laura

  7. Henry is getting cuter and cuter if possible every time you post...
    We hope your super hot weather is now over and the pool looks great.

    woofs, Watson and Hamish

  8. Hi, Buster!
    Glad you had a nice splashing time at the dog park!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Buster, I see that you love water. Have tried playing bubbles? Elizabeth needs to get you some. I'm sure that you'll love them or maybe I can send you some. Peanut Butter flavor?

  10. I love to watch you play Buster. You are very handsome and athletic too!

  11. Hi Buster,

    Wish I could come to dog park again today, but I have to go to work instead. It's rainy and cool today, too.

  12. Hi Buster,
    I am the person of a Buster. You would like him. He is just a little guy. Come see him at

  13. Ha! I was just going to tell you about my dog friend Buster and his mom then Lindy popped up here!

    Henry looks delightful. I'll bet he has sweet toes
    to tickle! I can see the love in your eyes when you look at your human mom. Stay cool!

  14. everyone is so beautiful in your family Buster
    hugs to all

  15. Buster, I love your pictures. Gomez looks like a real hoot. And you look like the sweetest dog in town. Lucky you to have such a great mom.

  16. who needs a fish bowl to watch when you have Buster?

    Infinitley more relaxing...