Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Flat

This is Otis he is very big and funny looking.
He has got a wrinkly face.

He was hot so he lay down where the water runs in the dog park.

This is me being flat.

But the best flat person was Deisel who I met at the vet
last week when it was very very hot. He is trying to keep his tummy cool.


ps Dexter's mom made a funny picture  from the last picture.

She is funny!


  1. We call those (re: Diesel) the "froggy legs" around here. Our cat, Red (a.k.a. Reddy Redster) does that when he wants to stretch out and relax.

    Otis looks pretty hot. Poor baby!

    Kat (and the cats)

  2. We call that "bunny feet" because our bunnies use to lay like that.
    In Tucson, wild bunnies cool off like that too, they and the quail dig holes in the damp earth around the citrus tree and lay down in the hot part of the day to keep cool.

    woof... Watson and Hamish

  3. Buster, I don't blame Otis one bit for trying to stay cool, but it's funny to see you guys laying flat :)

  4. Hi Buster,

    I wonder why some dogs lie completely flat whereas others cannot or do not. I think it's a mystery.

    Baby Bird + Dovey

  5. Love you and your friends going flat out. Those granite bricks in the water look like a great place to soak up coolness.

    Our cat goes flat when he is hot but he lays down on his back.

  6. HAHAHA the back area of Diesle is hilarious! My person wants to crop that part especially and hang it by my bed so I can laugh all day! It is not very hot here- there is always shade and cool water in case the temperature gets over 70. I like this weather a lot- No boots!

  7. That's funny! Thanks for the pics Buster!

  8. I guess being flat is the best way to stay cool. I love Otis's wrinkly face.

  9. Being flat shows off your beautiful, shiny, coat - wow. Wouldn't I like my hair to look like that!

  10. Flat doggies!
    Happy Wednesday, Buster!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.July 29, 2010 at 4:31 AM

    I'd get flat but I think I'm too fat! lol!
    Your coat is beautiful, Buster!

  12. Buster -

    I am glad that the dogs are flat voluntarily. When I first read the title I was worried that some "outside force" like a truck had made them flat! Whew! A relief to know that that wasn't the case.

  13. LOL! These are fun pics, Buster. Continue to keep cool in this heat. ;-)

    Paz xoxo

  14. Love seeing you being flat, Buster!

    Nice painting!

  15. I call that the superman position... and I agree it's cooling to stretch out like that. Dex's mom sure has a funny bone in her.

    Licks, hero

  16. I love your dog pictures! They are so cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm glad that Tonia told you about my post!! I hope we can visit each others site more! Have a great weekend!

  17. I saw this at Dexter's mum's blog...

    had to come look!

  18. He He! That last photo IS funny! I like to lay flat sometimes too. I hope it is getting cooler is not here.

  19. We call Atticus 'Flatticus' when he does this.

  20. Us kitties with very short or no furrs never get froggie cuz of the heat...we curl up even tighter and sometimes even lay in the sunpuddle by the sliding door...we look flat mewmmie says though, kinda deflated from the heat!