Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is Coming

The weather is not so hot now.

The clouds are billowing.

Me and Knutty found a haunted house and we went up the steps.

 I am asking Knutty if he saw anything bad.

 He said he mainly saw a pumpkin.

Then we went home.


ps there are some pictures below of dogs that a lady makes.
Her name is Domenica More Gordon. She lives in Scotland where I have not been.
My mum likes these dogs.

They are very little.

I could chew them up in no time


  1. Hello Buster.

    You are right. It is not so hot anymore. You are going to be seeing lots more pumpkins. Some are going to be very big and some will be tiny.

    You are also right about the clouds billowing. That is the perfect word.

    If you were ever to meet up with those dogs from Scotland, I would hope that you would not want to chew them. Yes, the temptation would be great.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Buster,
    Billowing is a fitting word --- you have an extensive vocabulary for a young dog. The Scottish dogs are very nice--- I agree with your mum.

  3. Buster-

    That picture of Knute with the pumpkin is great! I hope your mom gave Knute's parent(s) a copy of it!

    I am glad you didn't get scared at the haunted house like I always do!

  4. Lovely billowing clouds.
    Knute looks ready to play with you and the Pumpkin.
    My Dogs think anything round and on the floor is just a big ball !
    The Wonderful Scottish Dogs look felted, I must look the artist up.

    Woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  5. I really like those Scottish dogs. Of course you could chew them up - but they are someone else's art. Best to just look at them.

    Happy pumpkin season Buster!

    Pat, pat goes my hand on your head.

  6. We don't get to go outside, but we too can tell Fall is here--the leaves and the wind and the breeze.

    We would chew up those artsy little felted dogs in a minute, too. We chewed the tails off one of Teri's Oaxacan wooden cats...

  7. Ooo the billowy clouds shot is a beauty.

    And it looks like you and Knutty had fun checking out the haunted house. Looks like Knutty was a little spooked by the whole adventure. You are both such handsome fellows!

  8. Pumpkins can be scary folks- I saw one with teeth!

  9. hi buster! great story. i like it.

    those dogs are cute too. that last one looks like what i'm a tiny partly supposed to be.

    have a good weekend : )

  10. Hi, Buster!
    Yes! Now it feels like Autumn, right?
    A scary house!
    Those doggies are so beautiful!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.October 8, 2010 at 5:16 AM

    It is neat that you have a best friend to do stuff with. My best friend is real big and kind of old, so she can't do much except sit in the grass. Those billowy clouds look kind of like the top of my head! ha ha!

  12. wow! those made up dogs are pretty real looking
    it was very brave of you and Knutty to check out the haunted house - I'm glad it was mainly pumpkins

    tell Mum that cloud photo is beautiful
    unless you took the pic on your own of course

  13. the felt dogs would be a chew treat for you.. and then your mum would get mad..

  14. I like those amazing Scottish dogs, beautiful work :)