Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghosts, Not-Knutty and No More Pool

This is a photo of a window. The blobby white thing is a ghost.
Ghosts mostly say "Boo" like this one is.

Below you will see a picture of my friend Knutty who is not a ghost and is real.


A picture of Knutty like a ghost.

Then I went to the park and there was a dog but it was not Knutty.

It was Milk. That is because he is a color like milk. 
When people say "Milk" he does not know it because he is deaf. 
That is when people say things you do not know it.

Anyway, the pool has not got water in it.

Now I am waiting for real Knutty to come over to play.
Sometimes I get confused.




  1. are you sure knutty is not a ghost? He is pretty white =)

  2. B,

    If you still want to wade at this time of year, the weather there must be warmer than here.

  3. Buster, Sometimes I get confused, too. Are you having a Halloween party at the dog park this year? I had fun seeing pictures of last years party.

  4. My person asks me all of the time "are you deaf?" I pretend to be, until there is a biscuit involved...Or until the door bell rings...she tricks me sometimes with the door bell to get my attention.
    I think that we have a ghost here, sometimes for no reason it will poke my bum and make me tuck and run. I want to bite the ghost.

  5. Fabulous Knutty Ghost, looks just like him.

    It is sad when the pool gets closed.
    I am going to turn off my heater in mine and so no more pool exercising for me. Bummer !

    Happy Fall.
    Woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  6. Knutty Ghost is pawesome!
    Well... somethings are very confusing, right?
    I hope Knutty came to play with you today!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Just think how confusing it might get if Knutty and Milk were both at the park at the same time! I love the drawing of a ghost Knute -very cute.

  8. I get confused at times also, it's OK

    love all the different Knuttys although real Knutty is the best :)

  9. Hello, Buster! My name is Sam and I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, USA. I'm a Labrador Retriever and I was born in a barn in a place called Poplar Camp 6 years ago. My mom person says my job is keeping an eye on Daddy so that he won't do anything stupid. I do my best but it's a full time job!

    Daddy and I go on many adventures so that he can take photographs and I can smell and mark new things. Daddy says I have claimed most of 5 counties in the past year or so. He may be right.

  10. Milk's mum and dad must love him a lot

    as he is deaf...

    You have such love aorund you,