Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things Going on Around Here

This is Beau and Arrow

 They are very shy and gentle. I never saw them run.
 They have got new collars.

This is a window of a diner by our house. 
I think they are letting chipmunks and squirrels in now.

 I do not approve of this.

 This is a black bird, but he is not going to peck my nose because he is not real.

I am glad this is not real either, othewise I would be scared.
Tomorrow I am going to be on TV, maybe*. I have a costume.
There are going to be a lot of dogs so maybe
I will be in the back row and you will not see me.




*ps YES he was in the back row!!!!  
Martha Stewart Halloween Dog Costumes 10 am  Oct 28th. Hallmark Channel.


  1. Dear Buster,

    I wonder if Fatty the squirrel has been to that diner? I love Martha Stewart's magazine, but cannot watch her show because I don't have the Hallmark channel! I hope you get on TV and become really famous.

  2. Buster, Beau and Arrow are great names. I'm going to record your show tomorrow in hopes of seeing you.

  3. You saw interesting things today, Buster!
    I will watch the show tomorrow!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Dear Buster, I'll ask my people to turn the TV on for me. I'm not feeling well but seeing you on TV should cheer me up.
    Sam the Wonder Dog

  5. Buster,

    I used to live with Isaac who looked very much like your friends Beau and Arrow.

    Good luck with TV stardom.

    Fatty will become even more worthy of the name if buttered toast gets added to the diet.

  6. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.October 28, 2010 at 6:36 AM

    Wow, Buster, you'll be an even bigger celebrity! Maybe my human will leave the TV on for me so I can watch for you!

  7. Hey Buster... you really need to start TWEETING. Check out the new product called Puppy Tweets (made by Matel). I think I am going to get one for my Sadie.

  8. That is truly bad that Fatty and her friends can go in the store and you are not allowed! I don't approve either. Beau and Arrow look like very nice friends. They have the same kind of brindled coat as you. Sorry I won't get to see you on tv. No Martha Stewart show on our channels. But I hope you post a picture of your costume.

  9. Beau and Arrow are truly beautiful. Did they used to run at a track? I bet they have been adopted, just like you! Lucky dogs.

    Have fun on TV!

    Pat, pat, goes my hand on your head Buster. And one for Beau and Arrow too.

  10. I was wondering if Fatty was around too

    I hope you got a great close-up on TV!! I'll look to see if the show airs again

    Beau and Arrow are very sweet - I love how they hug each other

  11. The window painting are very cute but I understand your problem with that Buster.

    Beau and Arrow are very sweet together.

    Hamish likes to take naps next to Watson and Watson always takes care of Hamish. Especially at the Vet's.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  12. So do we get to see the clip on U tube or something?

    How did the costume turn out?
    such fun for Buster.

    Arent' you annoyed that Fatty can eat at a diner and you cant?

  13. What is up with that diner, Buster? Do you think Fatty had anything to do with this? I am so excited to know a famous pup that is on tv! Will you show us pictures of you in your costume?

  14. Congratulations on your tv appearance, Buster. I would like to see a picture of your costume, too.

    Ear scritches,

  15. Wow - you are just getting too famous! First the blog and now Television! You lead such a fun life, Buster!

  16. hello, i think you looked smashing on tv. will you make a career out of it? i hope to see you in november...

    take care

  17. Buster, I missed you on tv, but I'd love to see your costume. I'd also like to know what Gomez wore this year. Wonderful blogging today.

    It was so good seeing you and your friends at the dog park last weekend. Love to all...