Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuck Indoors

It is cold.When we are going to go out, it takes Mum ages 
and ages to put on all the stuff she needs to wear.

Mostly we stay home and do nothing. Here I am on the ottoman.

Here I am on the sofa.

When Mum is not in her chair, I am in it.

They put a program on TV for me. It was about a dog show
but they probably wouldn't let me be in a dog show because I do not have papers, 
so I lost interest.

We went over to Knutty's house for a bit. 
This is him on his sofa.

 Because they were sorry I was bored this afternoon, 
they let me demolish the Fresh Direct cardboard box.
They said we could call it Debris Field #999.
You can just see little bits of it. They are on the floor.

I hope things are more thrilling by you.




ps: Mum's friends at CSN Stores wanted her to mention adjustable bar stools so lots of people can buy them for their houses. This is a commercial announcement. I heard that on TV. It sounds very important.



  1. Dear Buster,

    I wonder--- do all cardboard boxes taste the same?

  2. Buster, It sounds like you've got a case of cabin fever. The only known cure is spring- but its a sure thing.

  3. I know what you mean, Buster. When I tell my dad it's time for me to take him for a walk it takes FOREVER for him to get all of his clothes on! Mom gets mad if I chew cardboard but she bought me a BIG rawhide bone and I can chew it as much as I like. I thnk it was a trick because she wouldn't let me eat anything after supper yesterday and I had to go to see the lady in the white coat today to get fixed, whatever that is. You ought to see the funny white thing I have to wear now. It's huge and I can't find my ears!
    Your pal, Buddy

  4. Buster!
    Cold days are not funny, right?
    But they let you spend a relaxing time at home with your mom!
    Glad you went to see Knutty!
    Artistic job!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. You poor guy. You look so bored. At least you got to do some art work, though!

  6. Sorry your stuck in doors but on cold days cuddling on soft chairs is quite lovely.
    Maybe Mum will get you a new chew toy.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  7. Dear Buster, You are adorable and I love all of your posts. However, I want to talk to your Mom and tell her not to buy from Fresh Direct. First of all, the trucks are noisy and never turn off their engine when they are delivering. BUT most of all, we should all support our local markets. My goodness, you live in Chelsea
    and it seems to me you can find anything you need to live on in that wonderful neighborhood.

  8. Buster,

    Remember my suggestion about research in Morocco. I have never had the pleasure but I understand that it is neither snowy nor boring there.

  9. I like Debris Field - excellent work

    it will get warmer soon
    don't worry

  10. Mr. Buster, pal, you live in a house full of comfy spots! I do too but our floor is slippery so I rarely move my bottom off of the soft parts. If I do my legs go all sideways is separate directions. I can not get traction and then my middle drops. When i buy a house I will have soft stuff floor.You can come for a visit and we will make art out of it. By then the cat will be ded- good thing , too.

  11. Buster,

    I've been out and I must say when it's this cold, there's not a lot to recommend it. Best to stay in and make art.

    Warmer days are ahead! (kind of)

  12. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.January 26, 2011 at 4:29 AM

    Hi Buster! It is cold at my house too! My mum took me for a haircut on Saturday and the temperature went down to minus 6 at night. I showed her! I wouldn't walk! I refused to leave the porc. I made her carry me out to do my business. Maybe next time it gets cold she'll let me keep my fuzz!

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    I quite understand where you are coming from. But I'm sure you will forgive our infrequent use of Fresh Direct since we do not own a car, are not in our first youth and find it useful for HEAVY items.
    We love Union Square --really green stuff and Chelsea Market... sadly, unless you grow the stuff yourself, it ALL been trucked -- some things more than others.
    Buster would prefer to live in the country.....but what can you do!

  14. It's really hot here in Australia but I seem to be spending just as much time indoors as you (lovely air-conditioning!).

  15. Dear Elizabeth, I understand and do empathize. Glad to hear that you use the service infrequently. I am of a certain age as well. Buster would not like it in the country, no matter what he says. Unless you are a working dog, there is not much to do. Buster is very social; he enjoys the company of friends at the dog run and from across the street. I believe that dogs in the city get more exercise. They are walked regularly and run in the dog park. In the country, folks just let the dog out but unless there is a friend to play with; they lie down. Buster needs to understand that the grass is not always greener......

  16. Listen, mate,

    what you need to do is start wrecking things..
    jump on the bed, tip over the rubbish bin,

    re sort the wool basket

    stuff like that.

    then they will get the message and take you out.

    works for me,


    (as dictated to Denise)

  17. Dear Buster,
    It's really hot here in Brazil but did you know that I would love to be there with you?

    Your fur looks so soft that I would love to pass my hands on your beautiful fur.

    Sounds very nice to make a visit to Knutty. It's great to have friends!