Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Thoughts about Love

Soon it will be Valentine's Day.

They have painted love hearts on the diner windows

 and love heart balloons.

As well as my family, I love Knut. He came over the other day and we
are both looking in the camera at once.

As you know from last year, I love Darcy.
She has got the best mustache of any girl I know.
(Mum said it was as good as Salvador Dali's who is an artist like me).

This is a picture of Darcy with roses round her.
She is not in jail, just at the dog park.

I got a valentine in the mail with cookies on it. It was from my pal Dexter Hoofnagle.
I was allowed to eat the cookies but not the card which is pinned to the wall.

I hope you are thinking of love too.




  1. awwwwww, Buster
    The Square Dogs love you too !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Darcy- GrrrrOWF! She must smell really good! I would like very much to sniff her area. My person said that you might like some of my cookies- I thought they were too small for you but she sent them anyway. They are the only "health" cookies i like.
    I am in love , with my brother, but he is almost dead so we can not play anymore, ever. He has cancer. I don't ever want THAT!
    Valentine heart day to you- licks!

  3. Buster, you are so lucky to be friends with Dexter and Linda Sue. They give the best gifts. Your Darcy does have a beautiful Dali mustache and most enchanting eyes. I don't blame you for putting roses around her. I hope February brings you lots of love and maybe less snow.

  4. Oh, yeah!
    It is a lovely post!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. You are lucky to have a life so filled with love! Darcy does have a wonderful mustache!

  6. Baxter's valentine last year was Candy, but his best pal is Fido, so maybe he wins this year.

    dogs aren't so caught up in gender.....thankfully.

  7. Love is in the air with Valentine's Day around the corner. Does Buster have a wee crush on La Bella Darcy.....she's a cutie.

  8. Thankyou for sharing your adventures with us and for making me laugh - I Love Your Blog Buster.

  9. love you Buster

    you're a wonderful boy and a fantastic artist
    Darcy is beautiful
    and Knut is a sweet friend

  10. Lots of love to you, dear Buster.

    Paz xoxo

  11. Oh...Darcy is loverly! And we always like seeing Knute, of course! Did you know there are cards that are made to eat? Our Teri saw them someplace...but she didn't buy any!!