Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Week by Buster

This is the best thing.

Henry came over to play with me.
We both had plastic mugs and chewed them. He can walk now.
Later he went home.

Today we went to the park and there were giant eyes in the snow.
Perhaps it was a monster.

Yes, I had to wear my boots but I managed to bust two of them.

Some little dogs came to the park but they were not allowed to play. Only their big friend was.

This is Milo with snow on his face.

This is me and Flash waiting for cookies from Linda.

When we went home, I had a nap.
The other picture is of me with some pears. 

I do not think I have a pear-shaped nose. If I do, it does not matter anyway.
Lots of things look like other things. I think so anyway.

I hope you are having fun.



Note: Hero the Sharpei, whose blog we have enjoyed for ages is really sick.
Please stop by his blog to wish him and his family well.


  1. Such a fashion hound you are! You look very elegant in blue.

  2. What wonderful photos...
    just what nice normal everyday life we all need to see here in Tucson.
    I love the monster snow photos, do you know what made them ?
    I do not know Hero's blog but I will stop by.

    Hope your new snow storm is not as bad as the last one !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Woofers to you Buster,
    My person is all gooey and clucky over this post, I swear I don't know what she sees...I see a blurry little person, I always see them that way. I see a moosh faced black dog with interesting crumbs on his nose and I see you being Buster- the BESTER! Today the ice is gone- there is promise of walkies! YAHOO!

  4. Buster!
    Looks like a great week... but too cold for me!
    My paws are crossed for Hero!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Great photos of Buster in the snow. Milo looks like he's also enjoying the white stuff - Hope you are too.

  6. Buster, you have very nice blue boots :)
    I hope you enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately here isn't any snow now.
    I always like your riports.

  7. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.January 13, 2011 at 6:13 AM

    You may have found some mysterious crop circles in your snow. I wonder if they have shown up in any other dog parks in the area. I hope you can get your boots fixed before the next storm!

  8. I will linger

    on the snow images for a while as it is so hot here I can barely move.

  9. After all that activity, the nap looks great. I just want to curl up with you for a quick snooze!

  10. how in the world did you bust your boots?
    were you running so fast!!

    Milo looks very sweet with his snowy face

    Henry is getting so big
    Soon he will try to ride on you, my granddaughter does that to the dog next door
    He is very kind to her

  11. I love your blue boots Buster, and a brilliant shot of Milo with snow on his face. But mostly I love the one of you sleeping. Reminds me of my old dog Angel, she could squeeze into the tightest ball, all my other dogs stretch out, they are such bed hogs!

  12. O Buster,
    I must follow you!


    *Tasiaa and Luca