Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter and We get a New Vacuum Cleaner

A big box arrived

with a new vacuum cleaner. It said 'Pet Hair Eraser'. 
This is because me and Knut's hair gets all over the place.

 Dad is explaining all the details to me.

 I am waiting to eat the box, except I wasn't allowed to in case
it doesn't work and they have to send it back.

These are tulips.

These are more tulips that aren't out yet.

Peek-a-Boo is on the top step, then Georgie, then Biggie. Linda said 
Biggie mostly only had his tail or back leg in the blog, so here is all of him.

 I am wishing him happy Easter or maybe we are making a plot.

Someone made a cool decoration on the street that I am looking at.

My sister is coming on an airplane from England tonight.
At Christmas the weather was so bad she did not come so I am excited.

I hope you are having a good time too.




  1. hahahaha! I have that vacuum, somewhat heavy, but the attachments do a great job of removing pet hair, especially really super fine, silky pet hair. my kiddo and i still enjoy every one of Buster's posts. :]

  2. The new vacuum cleaner looks good - hope it works on your hair all over the place! Thank you for showing us all the nice tulips and the Easter decorations.

  3. Buster,

    Nature abhors a vacuum and so do most dogs. Your interest is commendable. Tulips are great - I have Dutch in-laws. Our Capital City will be celebrating this flower in a couple of weeks.
    Many of the tulips there came from the Netherlands as a gift for sheltering their royal family during WWII.

  4. Dear Buster,

    The picture with you and the tulips looks so lovely! Let us know how that vacuum works. Baby Bird (my poodle) is afraid of vacuums and thinks you're brave for standing by it!

  5. Awwwwww...
    Very sweet flower and Buster photos today.

    Watson ignores the vacuum and Hamish love to play with it. I have a hard time putting it away.

    Have a lovely visit with your sister, I would be excited too !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  6. I hope the vacuum cleaner works so that you can eat the box - Happy Easter to you and all your friends!!

  7. Have a great family visit Buster! Thanks for the nice post.

    I hope you get to make more box art. Maybe you can show it to your sister.

  8. Buster, Tell your Mum that I have that vacuum cleaner and it will pick up A LOT of dog hair- a scary amount. To keep the vacuum cleaner really sucking up the hair, you have to clean it every so often.

    Have a wonderful Easter with your sister.

  9. My hoomans say they need one of those pet hair eraser toy too... whatever. Those are beautiful tulips, wish we have them here.

    Licks, hero

  10. Happy Easter to you, Buster.

    Hoping that the new vacuum cleaner does not upset you with loud noise. Keep an eye on its's just asking to be a part of your next art project.

    Best wishes to your you all will have a grand time together.

    Are you all going to the Easter Parade?

  11. Happy Easter, Buster!

    Tell your mom that I have the small version of that vacuum cleaner and it works WONDERS!

    Hopefully the weather is improving out by you, it's slowly getting better out here...

  12. Hi Buster, it's been such a long time. You're now 2! And you still look as young as ever. How DO you do it? I like the egg tree a lot. I like eggs a lot. Did you eat any of those eggs? Or did someone naughty eat them all and just put up the shells? I haven't had any in ages because my tummy's been sick. I had eggs LAST Easter sigh. Anyway, I hope you got some yummy Easter treats and good food (apart from the box). This is becoming a very long letter. There's so much to say because I haven't seen you in a while. Happy Easter, Buster and to your family too, and maybe Knut as well since he's always here in your blog :) xox

  13. WURF Sir Buster, There is a vacuum that lives here like that or yours- it chases me round and round, I tell it off and then I bite it and it sucks my tongue and scares me.
    The egg that grows on your street tree - so that is where they come from! I did not know that about egg.
    There will be a giant bunny coming soon- I have been told- not to worry,I will bite him.

  14. That was a message from ME DEXTER! not that woman in the picture. You knew that already...

  15. Yay Biggie!! Your all of you is very cute

    Thanks Buster for the flowers and the decorations
    you do a great tour

    Have fun with your sister

  16. Doggy D'Ora also lost her winter hair during the last weeks. It's better now! D'Ora sends best greetings to Buster! She enjoys the spring on our strolls along the Danube!

  17. Buster, let me know how the new vacuum works and have a great time with your family this Easter too
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