Monday, April 25, 2011

Random/Various and I am a STAR

This weekend all the family were here

 and Joba came over and Knutty came over to tea. Everyone was much too busy to take
proper photos so this one is a mess. It is Joba at the top and then me and then Knutty's tail.

This is Professor Joba on the sofa.

 This is Professor Joba with Henry's blocks.

 The blossoms are falling off the trees and making the ground speckly.
I am waiting for a treat. I am not ignoring the greyhounds who are not
 Beau and Arrow but other ones that live around here that George takes for a walk.

 They are nice.

There is a red carpet next to my house. I am on it because  I am a bit famous.

These dog cookies were made by some ladies Mum met. 
She bought some for me to give to Knutty for Easter. 
I did not get to eat any. I bet they were good!





  1. You are very handsome on the Red Carpet and you even smiled - great photo op. It suits you.

  2. Yes you are very Handsome and belong on the Red Carpet. I remember you and Kuntty on the carpet last year.
    The cookies look really tasty and super cute !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. You are a pro at looking good for the camera. Even when the camera isn't looking good for you. Hehe. Loved the action shots. The greyhounds are very handsome.

  4. There is a woman nearby who has adopted two greyhounds..

    did you know when their racing days are over they just send them to sleep?

    Baxter says its OK for us to get one, but not till he's done with us.

  5. COOKIES!!!
    Our grass is polka dotted, too. It is because of the white petals falling like there's a party.
    You sure are woofdom on the red carpet- hope you didn't piddle, haha.

  6. Buster, I think that is the biggest smile I have ever seen on a dog. You look positively radiant on the red carpet!

    Hope you had a fabulous Easter!

  7. Buster, you are the greatest star of the blog world!

  8. I would love to have your paw-tograph!!

    the greyhounds look like they are nice

    I'm glad you had fun with all the family

  9. There was certainly a lot going on at your house lately! No wonder there wasn't time for proper photos. You are a natural on the red carpet - perfect since you are (sort of) famous! Too bad you didn't get any of those lovely cookies. They look scrumptious.

  10. Hi Buster,
    Sounds nice to had all the family around in the weekend.

    You look so handsome on the Red Carpet! I agree with Mr. Paparazzo, "you are the greatest star of the blog world!"
    Have a good weekend.