Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As you can see, everyone at the park was yellow or orange colored.

I am talking to Charlotte.

This is Brooks and me watching Charlotte rolling in the pool.

Next to me, I think Charlotte loves the pool best.

Here she is looking silly. I hope she gets out soon.

Brooks hopes so too.

Then she did get out and shook herself

and we ran round and round.

This is what happened at the park.





  1. Did you all call each other before you came to the park today to make sure you were all wearing matching outfits? It's good to see you were so patient and let lovely Charlotte have her turn in the pool. She is quite the silly swimmer.

  2. Hello Buster.

    This is a great day for cooling off in a blue pool. You and your golden friends really look very, very cool in that water.

    Where do you find the energy for running in this weather? I was able to walk, slowly, in the shade.

    Best wishes.

  3. I'm glad you have a cool pool to play in Buster.
    It's just so very hot!!

  4. Nice way to stay cool - you all look like you are having so much fun. I bet all your humans were jealous.
    Charlotte looks like she is laughing in that one picture. Good for her.

  5. Hi Buster,

    Charlotte looks like she is having tonnes of fun in the pool... hope you get your turn in the pool too, Buster.

    Licks, hero

  6. I see in summer time the pool is one of your favorite place :) Have fun Buster!

  7. Even the "dad" in the picture seems to match the color scheme of the day.

    Is that a new pool this year? It looks different from last year's model.

  8. Buster, oh how I love that last photo. I'm glad you and your pals are staying cool in the pool.

  9. I love to see that you're having fun with you friends, and keeping cool.

  10. big day!!
    you must need a nap now..

  11. I am loving all the goldens!

  12. Charlotte is the Esther Williams of dogs!
    I love you and your wonderful friends Buster