Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Days in the City

It is extra hot here

so Biggie is still lying on the bench.

Knut is pretending to be a polar bear.

This is me and Gander looking extra smart.

 Big is thinking very hard about whether he might
 possibly think about getting off the bench.

Me and Vivian are taking turns biting the water.

Some people have asked where Fatty has gone. Well, now you know; she is under the picnic table in the flower garden and she is still looking at me.

This is just before Mum took the ball away from me because I was eating it.

Because I am very famous, I sometimes get presents in the mail.
 I did not get to eat it or even play with it because Mum said we could use it for other people's presents. C'est la vie. This is French for: get over it. Oh well.

I hope you have a good weekend.
I hope you do not get too hot.




  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... such a fun gift. Some of the dogs on the wrapping paper looks like they are your cousins ! How exciting !

    Say cool Buster we lay on the cool tile floors when we get hot.

    Woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  2. It is too hot, indeed! If you see in my picture, when I'm hot, I try and hide under a bush. I also dig in the dirt under the bush and lay there. That makes it extra cool.

    My mom usually only leaves on a fan for me when she goes to work, but today she felt sorry for me and my panting, wet face, and left on the air conditioning. She also gives me ice cubes to eat and that helps me cool down.

    I see you have a nice pool to enjoy! I'm jealous.

    Stay cool. WOOF!


  3. I'm glad Fatty is still alive and well...even though you may not feel the same. I really like your French translation. ;0)

  4. oh

    U R famous



  5. Buster,

    In your picture with Gander you look like Canis Major which is very appropriate in Dog Days. Yes, Siriusly.

  6. hi buster,

    i have a crush on your friend knut. he is very cute, but then again he reminds me of my very first teddybear. just that you know, you look handsome and regal, and i like you, too.

    i wish our dog liked water-hoses, it would make his life a lot cooler...

    ps. please, ask mom to give you a good, long bellyrub.

  7. Hello Buster.

    I think that if we can stay cool today and drink lots of water, the weather will change tonight when we have a thunder storm.

    I am glad that even in the heat you are getting to see your friends, but sorry that Fatty is still got you on squirrel radar.

    Best wishes.

  8. I like the way you translate French. To the point.

    Its been cold here near Seattle, so cold they said Seattle has only had 78 hours of summer so far this year. Maybe that's good for Seattle dogs.

    You are so famous I am really proud to know you! Pat, pat.

  9. Buster-

    You left us in suspense! Did Big ever get off the bench or didn't he? Stay cool!

  10. I'm with Big, it is so hot I have to think about getting off the bench and then I think some more

    hugs Buster

  11. ps Biggie stayed on the bench.....hoping for cooler times ahead

  12. Hi Buster, I feel quite cool looking at Knut. He does have a "polar" aspect about him

  13. We understand why you have to think about being active when it's so hot out! Very wise! The pool looks refreshing, though and we didn't know you spoke French too! Get over it, hahameow!

  14. Oh, Buster. I'm so sorry to hear that you got the heat that we had here. It finally cooled down. Relief is on the way!

    Hope you get to spend more time in your pool!

  15. Buster, you are a lucky boy!
    Mom take you to enjoy the park and the pool with friends, and it's looks great!

    Love the photo of you with Gander. You are so attentive... You eating the ball is lovely!
    Have a nice day!

  16. I forgot to say that Knut is so white and so clean! I agree with you, he is pretending to be a polar bear. Lol!

  17. Buster, you and Tommy have a lot in common: you both bite water, you both eat tennis balls, and you both think Fatty is evil.

    I wonder if Biggie is still lying on the bench.