Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Selection of Silly Portraits

This is Lily and Samson. Samson is the big one.

This is my dragon who is a bit sad lately. He is on the dining table.

This is Benny looking very sober and respectable. He prefers sitting to running around.

I do not know why I am sitting on two pillows at one. This is before I got my hair cut.

This yellow picture is me when I am almost asleep.
I am about to close my eyes.

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend like me.
Knutty is meant to be coming over but he did not get here yet.




  1. those aren't silly pictures at all! i especially like the one with your bum on the pillows. i like doing that too but My Typist screams whenever i do because she says i'm wiping my butt on her pillow. why would i do such a rude thing, Buster? My Typist can be so strange.

    please have a good weekend too. it's already Sunday here and i'll be having my brekkie as soon as The Typist moves HER butt. hugs xox, Georgia

  2. Silly, maybe, but lots of fun. I like how Samson is showing off his tongue and how different you look before and after your haircut.

  3. Buster in that last picture you are doing what I'm about to do in a few minutes. I hope that you are keeping cool in this Summer heat.

  4. Hi buster you have such long shaggy legs =P

  5. Very good selection! But what the dragon is doing on the dining table? :)

  6. Hello Buster.

    I really like the yellow photo. Isn't it a great feeling when your eyes are ... just ... about ... to ... close.

    Sweet dreams to you. xo

  7. well,

    it could be you are creating a special monoprint on that pillow and need the resist that only two pilows can bring...

  8. ps From Buster's mum.
    Good thing cushion covers are easy to wash.....!

  9. samson's tongue is very photogenic
    all of your friends are beautiful Buster

    and you are the bestest of the best
    I hope you had sweet dreams

  10. Like the shots. It just shows the normal side of all of you. I must admit that the photo of you on the cushions is a bit odd. I like it though!

  11. Loving all the photos! Haha, I think I have an addiction to cute dog pictures. Luckily, I think I'm in good company. :)

  12. Buster, I love that picture of you falling asleep. You are so sweet.

  13. Silly? Well they all made us smile, does that mean we are silly, too? All cute pix, especially the pillow one. We have a cute pillow pix on one of our posts last week...