Monday, August 1, 2011

Jasper, Art Project and a Day at the Dog Park

When Jasper comes over

he always wants to lie in my bed.

This is him lying there smiling and comfy.

My heart is not in my art lately. Maybe it is the heat.

Even this detail of the perforated cardboard lacks the bite my work used to have.
Maybe when fall rolls around I will have better ideas.

Anyway, we are having the best time at the park. On Saturday everyone was there.
Like Baby Lily, Louis, Roxie and Hodges.

Louis is thinking of cool stuff to do.

This is him showing Baby Lily how he can flobble his head.

This is us pretending to have a fight.

Biggie did not join in because he was lying down.

Enzo was tired from running and running.

Mimo and Benny were watching.

When I got home Mum read me a postcard from Knut.

He had gone on vacation to the beach which is a place where there is a lot
of sand. One day I will go to the beach too. I do not know when.




  1. That is one good flobble there, isn't it? I hope you don't miss Knut too much. Art is a challenge during the dog days of summer....

  2. Your are having a very hot summer indeed so I can understand the too hot to do art.

    Knut looks like he is having a great vacation. Maybe he will bring you back a fish or some sand ?

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hey Buster, My name is Jasper also. I'm a Jack Russell. I wish I could play with you. I wouldn't steal your bed either. I prefer to run and play nonstop. You can find me at the top of this page

  4. What a fun day at the park, Buster... you have so many interesting furiends. I was told that true artist normally have mental block during summer days :) Perhaps one day you can go to the beach with Knut.

    Licks, hero

  5. How good of you to share your bed with Jasper. I can see it is not your favorite idea. The picture of your concern made me smile, so did the photo of Louis's flobble. Hope you find your muse soon and get back to some real creativity.

  6. Dear Buster,
    I always have much pleasure seeing your photos!
    Love you!

  7. it is very kind of you to share your bed
    I too am lacking inspiration from the heat, don't worry it will return

  8. Wish I had friends to play at the park with like yours.

  9. now I know what it is -


    It's one of those words that sound like what they are.

  10. Buster-
    Don't dispare. The heat certainly takes its toll on artwork - especially when it requires the amount of energy you put into your art. Fall will bring with it a renewed sense of purpose to your art.

  11. I am also a stealer- I steal Sophie's bed and she gets so confused! She looks at me like I am insane! My person told me that a BUSTER calendar and a HENRY calendar would make a nice income for you to get more art supplies and biscuits...I don't know what calendars are but I know biscuits!
    your pal

  12. I am Louis' mom and couldn't be happier to see the little tyke on here ESP since we just moved to London and he cannot join for 6 weeks. So fun! Louis will be around with biggie and wonderful linda!!! Miss u guys