Monday, September 19, 2011

Fat Cats and a Baby

When I went over to Jasper's house  his cat was there.

The cat looked at me and did not let me play with the tennis ball.

This cat used to live at our vet's in a cage, then some people in our building brought him home to their house. I think he likes to drink. Anyway

there is a new puppy at the dog park. He is Biggie's little brother.

Sasha wanted to check him out

and he checked out Benny

then he sat on Linda's lap

and looked around. His name is Bhudda.

The rest of the gang were there too like Hodges and  Charlotte.





  1. Lucky cat, to find a good home, especially since it drinks...
    Bhudda looks a little nervous. I bet that gets better as he gets used to the gang. Its a challenge to be the new kid on the block.

  2. The first picture of Bhudda behind the pants leg could win a photography contest.

  3. I think that all cats are drunk- they are so weird. My cat is growing another brain by his ear- it is a tumor. he is very proud of it but I can't think why...he is so old he is already dead. That puppy looks like a good person. We like his face and tummy. Wish you could send sniffs on your blog- smellorama would be a nice feature.
    Urf you,

  4. Cats are much more tolerable when they've drinking. Bhudda is really cute, I think I would like to play with him, he looks to be about my size. My mum wants to rub Bhudda's tummy.

  5. Somehow all the clever comments were already @SatmpTramps... "Cats are much more tolerable when they are drunk".
    This beautiful cat reminds me of my wonderful gray cat Jabba. I still miss him everyday.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Bhudda is so adorable... but I will stay away from the cat that drinks. Hmmm, I don't see your picture in this post, Buster, how could that be.

    Licks, hero

  7. The new little puppy is really cute, I hope the others also like him :)

  8. those are some fine lookin' cats
    I hope that getting to know them changes your mind about cats :)

    new puppy is adorable as are all your friends but you are always my favorite

    were you taking all the pics? I don't see you

  9. Buster, that little Buddha puppy looks very cuddly. I think that pretty soon Buddha will be chasing all your gang around the park.

    Even though you are not a puppy anymore, I still think that you seem a very noble way, of course.

    That cat has got some stare and does not seem at all cuddly.

    Best wishes!

  10. Did you check out Bhuddha too? He looks like he could use a nice dog to help him learn the ropes at the park!