Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fatty and Other People

There was a lot of fuss about the storm, but mostly all I noticed where lots of branches

on the ground and a lot of Fatties hanging about spying on me from the trees and making their usual gibbering sort of noise. I have taken the color away from this one.

I have never ever caught a Fatty, and perhaps I never will. They are the bane of my life.
But on to better things. Knutty is home.

We went round his house this morning so he could come to the park with us.

Louie was there

and Milo who has just got a human baby sister

and Sid who had a ball today, not his Snapple bottle

and a little one that is a cockerpoo like Professor Joba, but you can see this one's eyes.

this is not-Joba and someone fluffy sitting on the bench.

That is all for now.





  1. Glad you checked in so we could see how things are where you live. Maybe someday you'll teach Fatty a lesson, but it's also fun to see her bright eyes and bushy tail. It's good to see your friend Knutty, and tell Louie he has the best smile.

  2. Fatty's cousin lives here- He comes into the house and looks like he is sneaky but he does not need to sneak-we give him nuts for free.
    Your pals look very happy and smiley- they must have good people.
    I am glad that we do- if I had a bad person I would bite them a lot.

  3. Hi Buster!

    I hope you always try to catch Fatty, even if you don't catch him, it's the goodness of the challenge that matters! Plus, it keeps fatty on his toes!

  4. That is a great photo of Fatty... and he looks very fat !
    It is nice that the storm only brought you some branches to add to your art pieces.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  5. So glad you survived the big storm. It's funny, but we have several of Fatty's cousins living in our garden in Wales. They are very busy all day, stealing from the bird feeders, burying nuts, and then forgetting where they buried stuff. I think they are quite stupid really!

  6. Hello Buster. It must be wonderful to have Knutty back in town. You two must have been missed at the matter whether you all get a big welcome back or not.

    Fatty! That close up photo is pretty fierce. I hope that you never catch Fatty, because I do not think the results would be happy.

    The air is really nice now, don't you think? Can you tell that the sun is setting earlier and earlier?

    Best wishes.

  7. Glad the hurricane was (practically) a non-event for you!

    It looks like you and your friends have a lovely time at the park!

  8. We know how evil those fatties can be, and how frustrating it must be to be a doggie in the city where it is dangerous to chase them!!!

    Dory, Jakey & Bilbo

  9. the power you have! to take away color

    the Fatties are all out getting ready for cooler weather
    you can handle it, you have a good heart

    glad that Knutty is home

  10. goodness,
    these photos are priceless!


    i see another book
    this one by buster...

    {{ we have a few albino Fatties
    living down the street
    but we
    try NOT to stare }}

  11. good to get a fatty update!!

  12. Does Knut live in a swanky apartment building? He looks like a celebrity standing there in all those lights.... You've got some real swell friends, Buster. I barked at one of Fatty's relatives for you today. I'll do it again tomorrow too.

  13. Fatty looks so cute!

    Sounds you had a great time with your friends, dear Buster. As always you looks adorable.