Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun With Colors, a Flea Market and We try again with the Movie

This is a dog  whose owner

decorated her and made her pink and mauve.

This is a picture of Sid and we made him yellow and pink.

This is me and I am a bit bluer than usual.

This is Jack.

Anyway, me and Knutty were not quite sure we wanted to go to a
 Flea Market but they were not selling fleas, instead they had bear ears.
This is Knutty wearing his.

This is a very good painting they had at the flea market.
You can see my tail.

This is an animal whose head was chopped off.

I am looking at him.

This movie is only eleven seconds long so maybe it will work.

I hope you are having a good weekend





  1. Buster you are Beautiful !

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  2. You and the deer together, ears on, gave me a HUGE smile! Woof!
    What a great time at the flea market!

    You really are beautiful, Buster.

  3. You look very worried about the animal with its head cut off. And you should be. You and Knutty look pretty weird with bear ears. Maybe for Halloween? Love the movie. You're a star!

  4. Mr DeVille!!

    He's ready for his close up!!

  5. don't be blue Buster :)

    I love Knutty's ears and I'm glad you had fun at the Flea Market

  6. Oh my! Such a look of distress in your eyes when you're looking at that deer head! My mum laughed out loud! Horrors! Your movie was unavailable, so, we'll be back! Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Pa.

  7. You look great in blue and in bear ears! You are so patient to actually wear them!

  8. Dear Buster,
    I can see that you look scary seeing that deer with its head cut off. And you should be and me too!
    Love always visiting your blog!

    Unfortunately the video is "currently not available"... I will try later.
    I hope you, Mom and Dad have a pleasant weekend.
    Many hugs.