Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think about food a lot. It is a very interesting subject.

Sometimes I worry what would happen if there was no more food.

After I have my breakfast, I go over to Dad to see if he has any bits of his breakfast left over.

Then I go down to see Pat the Crossing Guard and she gives me a biscuit.

I always sit to attention in the good boy position and look attentive.

This is Jada kissing Hodges, or else checking to see what he had for his breakfast.

This is Hodges and Jada wanting a treat.

This is Hodges being good.

When I asked Flash what the best food was, he said, 
"Sausage rolls!" I never had that, but I expect I would eat it too.

Then we saw Hughie, that is a sausage dog. I do not think that is what is in sausage rolls. I hope not. I asked Hughie what he likes best to eat and he said lox that is a kind of fish. I do not think there are any kinds of dogs that are like fish.

Charlotte is from the south and she said she would like to drink too. Maybe a mint julep. I do not know what that is. I got a stick on the way home and was eating it, then Mum took it away, and now I am waiting for lunch. That is all about food for now.

ps: If you ask me, I can tell you all the shops for miles round here that have dog treats. 





  1. Dear Buster,
    I'm so glad your Mom and Dad adopted you! Come on over to my blog and meet my kitties. They think about food a lot, too. I'm your newest follower! ♥
    (And the Kitties)

  2. Sometimes I wish I could smell the scent of things like a dog can. I imagine food like sausage rolls and even doggy treats would taste even better with that sense of smell. Love your lovely winter leg and tail fringes.

  3. The fourth photo was just so sweet !
    The last sentence was just perfect and very funny !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnp

  4. If I ate a sausage roll I would have to be taken out ever five minutes or so, just like when I ate a chop...I don't mind but my Mum does and she says things like "Never again" she is fussy that way. You could write a book about DOG, I think. My Mum would buy it. I like your friends, they look like they have good humans.
    DESTER ,Wurfing at you and wagging.

  5. Since I had a bladder stone, my mum only lets me have carrots for a treat....imagine that! No biscuits! No sausage rolls! Stinkin' lousy carrots!!! I love your attentive look. I will try it and maybe I will get a cookie. But I doubt it. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  6. {{ i so love you,
    from a far... }}

  7. Dear Buster, seeing you and you friends at play always brightens my day!

  8. I loved coming with you on your rounds of the day.

    You are loved...

  9. God love ya Buster, you and your friends would brighten anyone's day! I think your 'attention photo' is totally gorgeous.

  10. Buster, I think you're related to Muddy and Button. They think about food a lot too! And I don't think you need to worry. Your Mum and Dad will make sure you always have what you need.

  11. Buster, I completely agree with you about food. Just about every time that I read one of your posts, I am eating. Sometimes it is breakfast, sometimes it is lunch, sometimes it is supper, and sometimes...well, it's just something inbetween.

    Has your mom stored those blue boots away for next winter? Or do you all think that snow might still be possible?

    Best wishes.

  12. I think a lot about food too, and I look like I do
    don't worry, there will always be food for you

  13. Hi Buster,

    I am thinking that you and your friends are all very beautiful and look like you have just entered Crufts and won best in show!

    I wonder what you would think if you met my scruffy little Jack Russell, I have a feeling you would be friends.

  14. It's important to know all the shops around that sells dog treats. Very smart. :)

  15. Dear Buster, seeing you and your friends always brighten my day!

    Did you know that Flora used to think about food a lot, too. (Sigh)