Monday, February 6, 2012

My Week by Buster

Do you remember Oskar that was playing here around Christmas time?
Well, he is back and is going to stay round here. He is ten months old.

This picture is just here because it is a good picture of Flash who is my friend.

This is Kirby who is a puppy. All the human grownups drool. He is a nice puppy.

This is the puppy we got last week called Baby Gretchen. I have not seen her yet. 

This is me and Jasper in my bed when he came over

This is at the park when Darcy's mum dropped a bandana and we all wanted it.

This is me on the bench with the shadow of a very long dog.

I hope you are well.




I forgot to write about food but will do that soon.


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  2. Awww Gretchen looks so precious, even without fur! ;) Congratulations Uncle Buster and family!

  3. Baby Gretcehn is beautiful - I am sure she will be fun to play with when she gets older.

  4. awwwwwwwww, another puppy !
    Gretchen looks so sweet added to the other puppies and Doggies in your life.

    I can't wait to read about food.

    woof... The Square Ones.

  5. A fine collection of photos today, Buster. Flash's portrait truly is a good picture. So is the photo of the little pink Baby Gretchen. I really, really liked Four, Almost Five, Dogs Not Sharing a Bandanna.

  6. Dear Buster,
    thanks for sharing us your adventures. I like all the photos, especially where you are standing on the bench :)

  7. Hi Buster! Baby Gretchen is precious. I bet she will smell good. Does she have big paws? Will you teach her your art? Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Penna.
    P.S. My mum said to have your mum look at the blog this week.

  8. Thanks Buster, for the Handsome pic of Flash. We missed you this morning.....x

  9. wrf- Your pals are GREAT! Your park must be very close to your indoors- mine is up the hill and over the hill and down the hill and over there...Your new human looks lickable! My mum almost wiggled herself into a puddle over it!
    I will look forward to post about food- I ate a lamb chop last week and was ill for five days because i ate the lamb chop! I would do it again but my um said "NO".

  10. Oh Buster, what a beauty that little baby Gretchen is! Just think of the fun that you and Henry are going to have when this winter turns to spring and she is just a bit older.

    Meanwhile, all your chums seem to be having a fine time while February stays so warm. No boot required!

    Best wishes.

  11. ooohhhh.....
    the newest puppy named Baby Gretchen
    is mighty fine!!

    the serious photo of Flash

    makes me
    want him
    for my

  12. so who got the bandana??

    I am on the edge of my seat!!

  13. your shadow is very impressive

    baby gretchen is beautiful, I see she has no fur, you were right

  14. Congratulations on the new "puppy". She's a beaut!

  15. Hi Buster, it's me, Ruca, from Portugal. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying woof. It's been so long since I've visited your blog. I've been really distracted lately but this visit was like a mini vacation. I went back and caught on some of the posts id missed. You and your friends have so much fun. I love the bandana tug-o-war! And you and your friends are all such characters. I'd love to draw you all.

  16. Dear Buster, Gretchen looks so beautiful! Congratulations to all the family!

    Love seeing your adventures. Thanks for the photos of your friends enjoying the park. I like all these photos, especially the one with you and Jasper in your bed and you standing on the bench and your shadow. Your Mom is a great photographer!

  17. Dear Buster,
    What a life you lead in THE City!
    And such a dashing crowd your social circle is.
    here's one for you: