Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Hat

This is what happened the other day.

We were all at the park. You can tell that Oskar and Charlotte and me are a bit like each other.

This is Darcy wagging her tail on her way to the park.

Anyway, Flash's dad dropped a hat.

And everyone wanted it. Milo is running very fast.

First Olive had the hat.

Then Milo got it, but you cannot see it because it is not a good photo.

Now Olive is sad.

Then Gally and Baxter are on the bench. Baxter put his tongue out in excitement.

I am looking too.

Then Gally and Baxter turned into MONSTERS. So I went home.

I hope you are having a good weekend.





  1. That are super pix! Hats are always a great play!
    I like the monster pic!
    Mum made a bew post in my blog which is important!
    Hope you come for a visit.
    Woff from Germany
    Gizmo (and mum)

  2. This is such a super story and just what I needed to start my Sunday! Poor hat. Was there much left of it by the end? Your friend Olive is a very interesting looking dog, Buster. Is she a cross between an Irish wolfhound (like me) and a bloodhound? I turn into a monster sometimes, though less now because I'm a lady. It's fun!

  3. I'm still laughing. But I feel bad for the hat.

  4. There should be hats for everyone, then teeth faces would not be necessary. I am glad that you did not play that game!

  5. What a great story... about a hat.
    Olive looks very sad indeed. I just love her huge feet, will she grow into them I wonder ?
    The ending was very good.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  6. heh heh The "teeth faces" made me laugh even though your friends were trying to be scary.

  7. The pictures are lovely. It is funny how dogs can go so beserk over hats and gloves, happens with mine all the time. I believe I pass that Spinone in the park every day on the way to work, I work by the WTC center

  8. Funny - thanks for sharing your adventures - I look forward to them every week.
    I hope Gally and Baxter are still friends...

  9. Thanks for making me laugh! I needed it!

  10. Wow, Milo can really move...and I could see that he caught the hat in his teeth for a while.

    But Bally and Baxter have both got some really scary sets of teeth. I agree with you, Buster, that you chose a good time to just head on home.

    It was fun to see your mom this week, but I hope to see you soon, too.

  11. hih! gally and baxter look funny. i knew you wouldn't get into that teeth-showing game, you're just too regal for that!

  12. Isn't it funny how everyone wants the hat, as long as no one has to wear it? I turned into a monster once. I hope it never happens again. My mum wasn't very proud of me. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  13. it's amazing how one hat can cause so much excitement!
    you're smart to leave when things turn monstrous

  14. That last pic is just priceless!! I think Baxter is very brave to put on such a fierce show of teeth, since Gally looks quite a lot bigger and stronger than him. I'd also want to run away at that point!

  15. God love ya Buster, love your Blog - you'd like my Fred, Jana, Larry and Fred.
    I'll visit again if I may.....

  16. they are not monsters, dear Buster,

    only playing monster to get the hat...

    the joys of dog hood...

  17. dear Buster - I love seeing your pictures and Chelsea. My dog Rory doesn't "get" TV even though he has friends who like to watch other dogs and had fun seeing Westminster. He doesn't "get" dog blogs either so he's never met you. A friend sent me to another dog blog about Maddie who looks a lot like Rory, who has very good balance and lots of patience.
    Please share Maddie's pictures with your Mum with lots of good wishes.

  18. woops:

  19. the picture of Gally and Baxter....didn't reaise my hat had so much fun

  20. Monsters! Truly, best to get out of there!

    But the hat, surely it was covered in drool and torn to pieces? Did Flashes' dad get it back, and did he ever wear it again?

    That Darcy is one cute dog!
    You are, too!