Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Important Things

This is me sitting to attention at the butcher on 9th Avenue where they have marrow bones.

This is me at home with my bone before I have licked all the good stuff out of it.

As you know, I come from a very artistic family. We all work in different media. My Mum bashes pansies, my sister takes photos, and Dad paints stuff like animals and people. I myself am a mixed media artist. Sometimes I work in cardboard. Sometimes I collect objects trouvee on my walks.

That is mostly sticks. My stick collection lives on top of the fridge.

I work on these now and then, and you can see the elaborate dentation on it. (That is where I bit it.)

This is me choosing which stick to work on next.

You can see that artwork brings me great joy.





  1. This post made me smile and giggle.
    Thanks Buster and Buster's Mum !

    woof, The Square Ones
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Oh Buster, I have always loved your artwork! I'm glad to see you are still creating!!


  3. Cant believe you guys are allowed in the butcher ; )

  4. You know how to ask so politely for your order at the butcher shop. No wonder you came away with such a fine bone. I'm glad to see your art work is progressing nicely, and I'm looking forward to an invitation to your gallery exhibition.

  5. Buster: I'm impressed with your art skills. That's a nice bone you got. Enjoy!

  6. Buster, your art work brings me great joy, too.

  7. Buster, you are really a great artist!

  8. your butcher is a happy, friendly fellow

    I love your artwork
    the twig, uh stick, work is wonderful
    the lines are superb and I see a statement on the fragility of nature in each bite mark
    you are a master Buster!!

    1. What a perceptive review! Buster thanks you!

  9. Wow! Buster, you're so lucky! We have a butcher here too, but I'm not allowed in... I have to stay in the car... :-(
    Your artwork is just magnifique! How many pieces have you sold?
    Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Penna.

    1. Elizabeth says: Sadly, no one wants to buy Buster's art ...... but as I always tell him it's all about process rather than product.
      He is just happy to share it with the world!

  10. I always love your artwork. I think you outdid yourself this time.

  11. I'm enjoying your blog Buster! Very nice sticks!

  12. "you got a seriously delicious snack! a piece of advise from a country dog, hope you had the good sense to bury the bone somewhere where the grown-ups won't find it (behind the couch). you gotta hide it well, otherwise they'll find before it ages to that gapsmashing yammy-yammy half rotten state!"

    as told to liisamarja by the dog

    ps. i'm sorry, the dog insisted on the advice. i, however, know that you wouldn't play tricks like that on mum and dad, right?

  13. I love your art

    Love it when you share your methods.

    Your objects trouvee are wonderful.

  14. It's obvious you're a true artist, Buster.
    That butcher looks like he's a good friend of yours!

  15. I haven't been by in a while Buster but I'm sure glad I did tonight!! You're a gem.