Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Summer Job

Me and Charlotte have decided to become swim coaches. Here is Darcy about to get in the pool.

This is me seeing how she is getting on.

She is now very good at it. This is maybe because of me, or maybe she could do it anyway.

Charlotte is giving Baxter some helpful hints too.

Jo came over and gave me a moose with a squeaker. She always brings me cool presents.

So I took it to my bed and killed it.

Then I eviscerated it. That means I took its insides out. If you go here you will see my Australian pen-pal Bruce. We exchange some ideas.

When I went to our roof it was very hot. You can see my tongue matches the floor tiles.

I am showing off my movie star good looks.

I hope you are well.





  1. I love this blog! I read and never comment...but you make my day Buster!

  2. Buster, do you wanna be a movie star? You already an internet star!

  3. I think you and Charlotte are doing a wonderful thing as swim coaches
    you are a star Buster!!

  4. You look like a movie star !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. oh buster! please, tell me you didn't pick the eviscerating trick from the dog! he's done that to a fox, a squirrel, a teddy bear and a panda...

    you summer job looks super-cool!

  6. Hey Buster!
    Thanks for the coaching for Bruce - he now knows how to "eviscerate"

    He practiced on a pillow to get it right, and he has it down pat. I see a book in this, or at least a show.

  7. Hi Buster, Darcy looks simply darling in that pool!

  8. That swim coach gig sounds great Buster!!


  9. Buster!
    That is a super job!
    Aaaand.... your toy.... your not longer toy....
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. "Eviser-whut"????? Did you have to google that word,'s soooooo big. (I also don't like to get wet, so that swimming stuff is out, too). Your in-action photo is very impressive, if you like that kind of thing ~ but I'd never do that to one of my toys in a gazillion years. Why, I still have my very first lambie given to me when first came home, six years ago. Needs a good wash every now & again but other than that, not a scratch on lambie's hide. Dried spittle maybe, no big deal. See ya latah.

    miz Isla (Sweetpea is my mum)
    p.s. paws up on the movie star photo!

  11. What an amazing series of events, Buster! Kind of sounds like the beginning of a great summer, especially when your tongue matches the tiles of the roof!

    Happy Summer!

  12. I hear its very warm over there Buster, so enjoy the pool at the park. That movie star shot is sure to attract more Aussie girl-dog blogs your way!
    Rose and the Team