Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Meet Bayley and Mum Tries Some 'Artistic' Photos

The other day I went for a walk

after it had rained

and I met Bayley who is very small

but seemed to like me. He is so small that when he barks it is more like squeaking.

He is not much bigger than Norma's shoes.

Hm........... this is me with the grunge filter on

and Zoe.

and Skylar. She was taking pretty much anyone who wanted their picture taken.

This is Omar who is not usually lime green.

Here is Gomez where it looks like he has got celestial angel ears when it is only Douglas's arms really.

Me in pool.


Me and Charlotte saying we have had enough of this photo business.

Samson and Lily like on a double-decker bus.

I am now lying down.

I hope everything is good with you.




My friend Biggie was on TV last night because he is fat.
They are going to help him get slimmer.
Go here to see the CBS Show


  1. I like the grunge filter :-) You are sweet as always Buster, I promise not to say it out loud - that may destroy your image... Happy summer to you and your human family!

  2. Wow you sure did met alof dogs that day! Awwww I love the cute little doxie puppy, looks like alot of fun!

  3. I just watched Biggie and his family on the TV show.
    I don't watch much TV and in general I never watch any shows like this... Real people shows from The Housewives, Survivor, Great Race, Dr. Drew even Oprah, just people yacking and screaming at others. But I must admit I liked seeing the dogs get help. Sometimes you just need someone to help you one on one, really see the problem and how you can make it better.
    Biggie is such a great dog what a love he is.

    Buster looks as handsome as ever !

    woof, Watson and thehamish
    cheers, parsnip

  4. Hello Buster, I really like all the special photo effects that your mom finds for the pictures of you and your pals. That last photo of you sort of resting is very good. You are handsome!

    It was also fun to see Biggie on the tv clip.

    Remember when I took your picture last week? Well, I sent it to my brother as part of his birthday message from me, and he wants to tell you how much he liked getting the message. I hope that you all can meet some day.

    Best wishes.

  5. Dear Buster,
    I really like your mum's artistic photos (my mum does that a lot over on her blog, too). You have some swell looking friends (even the lime green one, hee hee). Do you like to go swimming? I don't. I wouldn't even go in that pool on my own. I especially like the lying down part.

    Enjoy your summer, luv, Isla

  6. Buster!
    Bayley is adorable!
    I loved all your pictures! They are very artistic!
    I saw your friend last night!
    I hope he reaches his goal weight soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. What a fun report to see and read Buster. Happy summer!

  8. The GRRRRRunge photos are cool Buster, They make you all look like scruffy orphan toughies. I do not like the man that made Biggies Mum cry. AND he thinks he is a dog - he is not and I am not fooled. I am glad he left you alone or I would bite him on the knee.

  9. hi buster!

    as i thought, they don't seem to think that we in our "geographic location" should watch shows like in which you friend biggie was in. i would have liked to see it, just because of your friend.

    hope it's not too warm for you over there. for us, there is the lake to swim in, but it too refreshing at +12C!

    the dog says hi.

    stay safe

  10. Your friends are all so photogenic! I hope Bayley gets to go to the park too. He looks like fun. Poor Biggie, I lost 1/2 pound, and it was hard, but I think he can make his goal! Woofers to you and all your friends! See you in the pool! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  11. I too can't watch the video of Biggie - I'm in Canada eh. But I enjoyed all the picures of you and your friends, especially Bayley. What a sweetheart.
    Maybe you could be on that are important and interesting.

  12. your Mum is a good artistic photographer
    I like all the shots
    Bayley is a tiny cutie
    and I always love seeing all your friends

    I watch Dogs in the City every week and I thought of you when they talked about Chelsea being a great neighborhood for dogs
    Biggie did a good job on the show
    I wish Justin could come make me get thinner, I have a crush on him :)

    hugs Buster

  13. Love seeing your friends, Buster! Yes, Bayley is very small and very cute too.
    Love all your photos, Buster, principally you in pool and lying down.
    Your Mom is a good photographer for sure!
    I can't watch the video of Biggie because it is not available in my geographic region.
    Have a great Sunday with your Mom and Dad.
    Kisses and Hugs.

  14. Loved the photos your Mum did Buster! The one of you and Charlotte was magic. You and Charlotte must have had word beforehand, about the pose I mean. Well done.:))

  15. greetings from chicago! hope you are keeping cool... you are a dolly, buster!