Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Post about Knut

Where has Knutty been?

You may well ask. Actually he hasn't been anywhere except his house and round and about, but he does not come to the park anymore. This weekend he came to stay at my house. This is his cool photo.

This is him beating me up.

This is him when he is on my ottoman looking at my mum.

This is a bad photo of him and me waiting to get toast from Dad in the morning.

We had lots of fun and he did not bark or get in trouble.

He was even good when Mum made him go to the park with me. So that is where Knutty has been, in case you wanted to know. He can come back to my house any time he wants.

I hope you are well. It is 99'F here today and too hot.




  1. I think Knutty is my favourite - besides you, Buster. Glad to know he is fine. Stay cool guys.

  2. Glad to know your buddy The Knutster is doing well.

  3. Hi Buster- My mom told me about Knut that died- but he was a polar bear so, Whew, not Knutty the pup! You live in a hot town- I live where it is cold- I like it to be cold, it is better for walking and sniffing and other dog things. My boy came home in the middle of the night- he lives far away. I sniffed him and it woke me up- I tackled him and wagged a lot! Happy! I slept with him - on his face ! He liked it.
    wurf and wags,
    your pal,

  4. Looks you get along really well!
    Knutty still wears his Norwegian colours collar....
    Gizmo has suddenly dorsum problems; we have to see how it will be tomorrow...
    Good Night from Germany

  5. Buster, I know it was fun to have Knut at your house. Who got the first toast?

    Hoping that you and Knut get to do a lot of splashing around in that pool at the park. It's way too hot.

    Do you like ice cream?

    Best wishes.

  6. I was wondering where he had been!
    I am happy to know he is ok!
    And sure you enjoy your time together!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. A apt pat to you Buster and a couple for Knutty too.

  8. Cool photos in the heat. Here is "only" 95' F (35' C).
    Be good Buster, drink a lot.

  9. You're a wonderful host for Knutty Buster, oh is the pool still at the park? sure hope so in that hot weather you are having.

  10. it's a bit cooler today and that's a relief
    my not so mean cats were hating the heat

    Knut has sweet eyes
    I'm glad you two can have play dates

  11. I am glad to know that your friend Knutty is well!
    So good to have a visit of a dear friend in our house, isn't?
    Kisses and Hugs.