Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Week by Buster

I have not done a blog for a long time because I have been very busy. One day Jasper came over and he slept in my bed like he always does.

This is a new picture of the famous cat of 22nd Street.

When it is windy, big branches fall off the trees

and I take them home.

I had my hair cut again which was pretty tiring.

Yesterday me and Mum and Claud went to the flower market on 28th Street and there was a cat there that did not like me. 

We bought some flowers for a party then we went to another market then we came home.

Today I was at the park and all the other dogs wanted to get in my pool and Mum said it was not just my pool but everyone's pool.

Then Skyler got in and splashed me

and water got in my ears

Patrick was there too.

This is me at my house looking at my sister. You can see her hand. That is about enough news for now.

I hope you are well and having fun.




  1. Buster it looks like you have been having some fun!! Keep in touch!

  2. Greetings from D'Ora! Summer time is sooo nice, isn't it? Have fun, Buster!

  3. Gosh Buster, there is so much excitement around you in early June. (Not just the full moon.)Can you tell when there is a full moon?

    I am going to say that it's great and generous that you share that pool at the park. When the weather gets warmer, even hotter, you may feel pressure from your friends to share that cooling pool more frequently. I really love the photo of you shaking your head to get the water out of your ears. Sometimes I do the same thing after I've shampoo'ed my hair.

    Buster, do you ever shampoo your hair?

    Isn't it odd that it seems to rain every afternoon or early evening? Aren't you glad not to have to think about an umbrella? Your new hair cut is great.

    You must be having lots of fun with your sister!

    Best wishes.

  4. Big week!

    I love seeing your ears flying about, Mum is a very good photographer.

  5. Sure you have been very busy, Buster!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. It is nice that you share with your friends. And you do a good job of cleaning up all the branches that fall from the trees - someone has to do it. Good Job!!

  7. I'm sorry the cat didn't like you but you and Mum got lovely flowers

    You're very strong to carry such a large branch
    and you're always adorable

    thanks for sharing your week

  8. Another fabulous post by Buster! What excitement in NYC! It's nice that you share your bed. There is a cat here that I sometimes have to chase away from my crate and my water dish. My mum says she's brazen. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  9. Well Buster the best advice the Team and I can give you is - never take your eye off those cats!