Saturday, September 15, 2012


I hope you remember Sid that I know from when I was a puppy. His house had to be fixed up so he stayed in another house. 

Now he is back. This is him and Big ignoring each other, not because they hate each other but because they are comfy.

Mum made this collage when she was bored on the subway. Mostly it is me and Sid and there is Atticus and Charlotte too.

I had to have a bath with medicated shampoo. Now I am cleaner.

This is my portrait that my mum made to send to my sister on her birthday. That is about it around here and it will soon be fall.





  1. "They are ignoring each other because they're comfy"... I LOVE THAT :D

    Your mama must be very smart to have done that collage and on the subway, Buster. The Typist doesn't know how to do stuff like that and never will.

    Happy Sunday! X

  2. those are great shots of folks I should know- you are always the best of the lot and Big is still...well...big. I am still deaf but getting used to it. I can hear myself woof so I do that a lot now.

  3. Fall is coming. Are you helping Fatty with the nut collection?

  4. Sure it is great to have Sid back, right?
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Buster, I am glad to hear that you are cleaner now :)
    Have a good Sunday!
    (and Happy Birthday to your sister!)

  6. Buster, you have one clever Mum, some really good looking friends and you sure know how to pose for a fab portrait! Your sis will love it.

  7. Sidney has a beautiful face and soulful eyes - just like you.
    You don't look too happy about the bath, and I can hardly blame you, but what a great portrait shot! Happy birthday to your sister :))

  8. I love how Sid and Big are comfy ignoring one another
    and I love your portraits Buster
    you have the sweetest kindest eyes

  9. Buster, please pass along my birthday greetings to your sister. I know she must really love that portrait of you!

    Have you noticed that the air is getting chilly? Is there still a pool at your park? Are you enjoying the falling leaves?

    Sid and Big are looking good, but you are the most handsome of them all.

    Best wishes.


  10. Ah, reminds me Bruce needs a bath too... good to see Sidney is back, and you have your crew.