Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Fall and Some Old Friends

As you know, it is my time of year.

That is because I am brown like the leaves that fall off the trees and like the ottoman I lie in when I do not have anything else to do.


you can see that me and Sid are the right colors

Baby Nisa is more like Halloween.

Gomez and Hodges were at the park today. Hodges is telling Gomez stuff.

Now they are in charge

and keeping watch over things.

Here is Gomez and Truman and Hodges and Buddah. I am on the back rock with Maggie. 

That is all for now. I hope you are well.





  1. The square Ones really loved this post today....
    A huge woof from Tucson !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. My Mum wonders how to get dogs to pose so well, I told her that they are city dogs and are used to it. I am always right. I do not pose well, I do not like cameras and stuff. I do like you, I want to roll you over and sniff you! Wags,

  3. Your posts always make me smile. I love to see you and your friends in all your places and all your moods. Tell your mum her photos are excellent.

  4. Fall is my season too! Buster, I see you enjoyed being in the park with your friends.


  5. I love watching the dogs play, "whose on top"...

  6. You have some very handsome 'watchful' friends Buster. Indeed you are a "fall dog" but I am eternally envious of your hairstyle and reminds how my Team would never stand for it and would have to be 'put out to it' at the vets to be shorn. Oh pardon, I mean hairstyled.....the Team are ragamuffins at the moment and with us coming into late spring a nice hairstyle such as yours would be just the thing.
    You are really such a handsome and dear boy.

  7. So nice to see Gomez again! He may be on the small side, but he looks like you wouldn't want to mess with him.
    Did your mum get my email, Buster?

  8. you are a beautiful color Buster
    I enjoy fall, it is nice to feel cooler
    hugs to you and your friends

  9. You certainly look like autumn! :) Nice to meet you, Buster!

  10. Love all photos of you and your friends, Buster!
    The color of autumn in USA is stunning. We don't have this colours in Brazil.
    LOVE principally your photos on the leather cushion.
    Please, tell your Mom that she took gorgeous photos.
    Kisses and hugs.

  11. This is one good park you go to, Buster.

    Everyone is keeping watch over things, and that's always good.

    Enjoy the Autumn Ottoman!