Saturday, September 22, 2012

It is Fall

I know it is fall because it is written on the window of the diner.

Other than that I have been a bit worried by all the leaves in the pool. I am worried that they will take our pools away.

There was a rare Knutty at the park sighting.

But the good thing about fall is the sticks. We all think so. Me and Sid

and Olive ( can you see Ruka?--I can !)

When your family do not give you enough to eat, it is good to know that there are sticks out there.

People have been asking for pictures of Olive. This is what she looks like.

Here is a picture of Milan smiling. He has not been in the blog for a bit.

Baxter, as per usual.

and me in case you forgot.





  1. Great pictures of you and all your friends - and sticks!!
    Enjoy the fall.

  2. Buster, we could never forget you. Enjoy the sticks, and friends.

  3. Happy Fall to you, Buster.

    I am glad that the pools are still in the park, because I think there will still be some more hot days. Those leaves are annoying though.

    Were you outside much on that super windy and rainy day last week? Lots of sticks and acorns were falling down from trees. Sticks for you and your friends, and acorns for...well, you know who.

    Olive looks great, but that last close up portrait of you is even better!

    Best wishes.

  4. Hi Buster, the sticks look great. Just be careful not to swallow one! I'm guessing we might see some dogs in coats soon...

  5. My favorite season is fall! Not too hot, not too cold.
    Buster, play a lot with your friends in the dog park every day! :)

  6. how could we forget you!

    I think you will enjoy sticks when the pool is gone
    and don't forget snow, that will be fun

  7. Fall is in the air here too, Buster! It means more walks at the park for me, so I like it. It's nice to see Knut and all your other friends having such a swell time. I think your pools will stay out for a little while longer. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.


  8. Isn't Milan the cutest? What a big smile. Autumn is the season that most matches your fur, so you look even better...

  9. I love Fall!
    It is not too hot... not too cold either!
    I loved seeing all of you having fun and "working" those sticks!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. I can see how satisfying sticks could be, though I'd never thought of that before. It's always interesting seeing the world through your eyes, Buster.
    I hope they don't take your pool away soon.

  11. LOVE your closeup photo, dear Buster!
    I wish I could give a big kiss on you!