Thursday, November 8, 2012

It is Cold and Sid wants to go Home

Thank you for all the comments saying you hope we are well. It is very kind of you.

It is not meant to snow so soon in the year,

but this is what the ground looked like this morning.

There was frost on the old pumpkin.

When we got to the park, Sid was looking glum.

He did not want to play with Big Oliver

or Big Oliver and Baxter

He asked his Mum to take him home.

Then he asked my Mum to take him home.

They tried to fob us off with cookies.

This is me.

Then we went home. Other than that, things are much
 better and the snow is going away.





  1. Goodness when will the weather leave you all alone ?
    Snow seems some what early for you ?
    Love the really intent look some puppies are give the cookie holder ! Yes please.

    We have a storm coming in that might possible drop some snow on the mountains around Tucson. It was 86 today but will be 57 on Saturday. That is some strange weather for us.

    You are looking very handsome Monsieur Hercule Poirot.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. What a contrast in temperatures you are going to have! wow!
      Weird weather all over, I fear.
      Buster sends his best to the Square ones.

  2. Buster I heard some Canadians are in your town to help get the electricity back on. I hope it comes on very soon for all the folks that feel cold. I am glad your Mom and Dad had plenty of dog food for you. pat pat.

    1. We are all so grateful for the help from all parts of the country and Canada too.
      We are fine, but others are still not.

  3. Oh Buster, noone has nice doggie snow-boots to wear? Aww.

    1. Will break out the blue rubber anti-snowmelt boots for the next storm.
      Snow itself is fine. It's the damn chemicals.....!

  4. poor Sid, I know how he feels
    sometimes I just want to go home

    you're a good friend sweet Buster

    1. Sid and Buster are now nearly 4 and no longer puppies. Sid has a very expressive face!
      Do hope you and the cats are doing OK?

  5. The snow did not make it to my house. I like the snow. Poor Sid, maybe he would feel better if he had a coat on, or perhaps he just prefers a warm house when there's snow on the ground. Does the city get quiet when it snows? Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

    1. Dear Ozzy,
      Sid is fine really --can't think why he was being mopey!
      lov from Buster

  6. Why did Sid want to go home? I hope he is not sick!
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :)
    Buster, do you like snow?

    1. We like snow really. We saw Sid this morning and he was fine.
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  7. I must say that I felt a bit like Sid when I had to venture out in the snow. It just doesn't feel right to have pumpkins and leaves and snow, though your Mum found beauty in all of those scenes!

    Happy warm weekend ahead!
    Glad Sid is okay-dokey!


  8. Poor Sid, who could blame him for being a bit glum after all this extreme weather?
    Your mum takes the most beautiful pictures!!

  9. Lovely Sid! I think that with such cold it is very nice to be at home, comfortable and warm. I am glad that is fine.
    Many kisses to you, dear Buster!