Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Sister

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

As you can see, my sister arrived from London. She arrived in the middle of the night and I was very excited then I went back to sleep.

When she is in London she misses me, so when she is here she in nice to me.

We went to the park a lot.

Then Gretchen was here and was eating yoghurt, so I licked her hand.

I have added this picture of Fatty because she has not been in the blog lately and this post is mostly about girls.

Just before my sister went back to England we had pizza and I licked the plate.

This is me and Enzo with Olive and Maggie. I do not know why I appeal to girls so much.

Anyway, here I am thinking about things like that.




ps Here is a post about ladies and their dogs and art from Sweetpea.


  1. Hi Buster. My sister is in Texas. I miss her too. Your biggest fan, Pooh in Florida

  2. Buster, it is your innate charm, genuine kindness and dashing good looks that attract all these beauties.

    The photograph of you, Gretchen and your sister is absolutely beautiful!

    Best wishes.

  3. I want to live with you sometimes- like the times when there are nice girls in the house! I like the polka dotted baby person- if she pulls your ears you must not bite her- you will get into so much trouble- I bit a boy once...I know what can happen...your people are hansome breeds- like US! pizza is good. I like your nose and you tail and everything in between-
    your pal,

  4. Of course you appeal to girls, Buster.
    It's those big brown eyes!

  5. Of course you appeal to girls ! So charming, handsome, debonair and you have the air of Hercule Poirot about you. It is the cute little mustache you have. Le sigh

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I know exactly why you appeal to girls - you are gorgeous!

  7. You appeal to girls because you are so handsome Buster and clearly very modest to boot. Beautiful images - looks like you had a wonderful time.

  8. Dear Buster, you have a cool family.
    I don't have sisters, but I do sometimes get to lick the plate.
    Your dogpark is cool, too. I'd climb on those rocks like those other girls.
    We girls gotta stick together.

    Bye for now.
    Love, Isla
    (my mom, Sweetpea, helped me write this. She's a girl, too.)

  9. Happy Holidays Buster.

    From another girl.

  10. wuf big B,

    i know the ladies can be a hassle, but the nice ones make up for it, looks like you have a lot of nice ones. bossy woman's nieces are cool, especially the young one, she pets me for hours.

    i see your winter fur is looking good. i think mine is good looking, too. bossy woman and paps think i haven't noticed but they make fun of my woollies. well, the joke is on them, it's not my behind that gets cold in the winter! i'm waiting for snow because i like to dig a hole in it and sleep there.

    i'm sure all the fatties over here are not women, 'cause they tease me all the time and give me no break.

    bye for now, and say hi for me to the ladies in your life.

    the dog

    ps. my people never give me pizza, but bossy woman is such a clumsy cook all sorts of goodies drop to the floor when she is cooking...

    1. Dear Dog
      you are even more wooly than me.
      I hope it snows too
      love from

  11. I know why the girls like you
    you are wonderful Buster

    I love the pic of you and sister at the park
    she's so pretty and her coat is so bright



  12. Buster you are getting loved and spoiled to bits...

  13. I've been away too long Buster...
    Please forgive
    Though I must say you've gotten even handsomer
    Is that possible?
    Bear sends his regards too