Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Quiz and a Joke

In case you do not have anything much to do, I have written a good quiz. You have to remember the names of some of my friends. This is to see if you have been paying attention during the year. One picture is not one of my friends. I wonder if you can guess?

1. This is ......................

2. This is ...............

3. This is.................

4. This is......................................

5. Haha. This is...........................

6. This is.......................

Wish I could give photo credit. A friend found it on Pinterest.

7. This is.........

Photo:Atty's mom.


11. This is ............................

The first person to send all the correct answers gets a really good prize. I will send it to you.

Happy New Year.





  1. awwwwwwwwww I love you Buster !

    cheers, parsnip
    woof, The Square Ones

  2. I recognize Knutty right off the bat. The rest I would have to peek at for the answers. Great post - a lot of fun.

  3. Dear Buster, I love quizzes. Mom says it must be because I am a contemplative collie, but I thought it was a good excuse to try and win a prize. I liked looking at all your friends again while I scrolled through your blog. Here goes.
    1. Sid
    2. Knutty
    3. Maggie
    4. Flash
    5. this is so obvious...that's YOU
    6. Baxter
    7. a very silly non-dog snowman
    8. Gally
    9. Milan
    10. Atticus
    11. Enzo

    Got my paws crossed.
    Love, Isla (owned by Sweetpea)

    p.s. Happy holidays!

  4. Buster, I think you should immediately send the prize to Isla for her hard work! I am sorry to say I don't know your friends as well as I should but this quiz is da bomb. I think the snowman's name is Frosty. Hugs X

  5. Yes, Isla should win! Looks like your mum is still having fun with her lenses. I think #5 pic is the best coz it's of my favorite blogger! Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Penna.

  6. Yes! Isla has definitely won the prize which is a story book about a young girl who fights a dragon, wants a dog of her own and is friends with a dog called BUSTER. In the mail today or tomorrow. Reading level ages about 8-12 i.e. similar to the blog.....!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I vote for Isla too!!
    I got confused so quickly
    I'm terrible with names

    Love all your friends
    and most of all you Buster!


  8. Sorry, to say all I got was Knutty, Buster and Flash.

    Isla wins by default.

    Love from Ramses.

  9. Buster,
    I must admit that I am horrible with names. Everyone's face looked familiar though! You are lucky to have so many good looking friends!

  10. wuf king B,

    great pics of your pals. i tried and tried but all i's able to come up were you (duh), sid and knutty...i have one pal, patu, he has very short legs and he gets stuck in the snow a lot.

    i did't like it last night when people (not my people, though) sent loud lights into the sky. hope you didn't have to go thru that kinda noise.

    happy new year to you and your folks, too!

    the dog


  11. !. Dasher
    2. Dancer
    3. Donder
    4. Thurber
    5. Le Grand Monsieur B.
    6. Le Petit Pee Wee
    7. Frosty in the Antipodes
    8, 9, 10. John, George, Ringo
    11. Pete Best

    Obviously, I really only know Knutty and Atticus. I have a herd of 9 cats so I come here to get my Doggy Fix, and to read up on Buster's charming stories that give me a sweet, pure, and hilarious dog's-eye-view of life that melts my heart, makes me laugh, and redeems the human world for me.

  12. What a fun post, Buster!
    I enjoyed seeing older posts to found the name of your friends, because I remember well the face of all them, but the name... The more difficult was to found Gally, but I found him in News Flash, April, 25, 2012! Ufa! Whew!
    1 - Sid
    2 - Knutty
    3 - Maggie
    4 - Flash
    5 - You, dear Buster! You always look adorable!
    6 - Baxter
    7 - The snow men
    8 - Gally
    9 - Milan
    10 - Atticus
    11 - Enzo

    Wishing you dear Buster and your family a Very Happy 2013!

  13. Dear Buster,

    I am no good at contests :(
    Please forgive.
    I was reading your 'About Me' and thought no wonder Buster looks exotic
    since he comes from some place in Russia called PETRESCUE.
    I know there is a Petrograd in Russia but this is a new one on me.
    Please tell us more about your exotic homeland.
    Did you wear brightly embroidered mufflers?

  14. Hi dear Buster, I loved and enjoyed the quiz!
    Yesterday I left a comment, but I think I forgot to click publish...
    I know the face of your friends well, but the name... so I search on older posts to find some names...
    1 - Sid
    2 - Knutty
    3 - Maggie
    4 - Flash
    5 - You my dear Buster!
    6 - Baxter
    7 - Snowman
    8 - Gally (Wow, this friend was more difficult to find the name... but finally I saw him on post April 25, 2012, News Flash! (Whew!)
    9 - Milan
    10 - Atticus
    11 - Enzo


  15. Congratulation, Isla!
    A Happy New Year to you too!