Saturday, December 8, 2012


It is a good thing to have some friends.

I mostly see them at the park.

Sometimes people play with each other and ignore me.

Sometimes I run around and have a good time.

This is me and Charlotte being like Egyptians.

This is me and Knutty being little rays of sunshine.

This is Milan being noble and soulful.

This is me looking like I always do.

This is Enzo when it was his birthday party and Jada tried to eat all the food.

You can tell it is Enzo because that is what he looks like.

Can you believe there are two of Olive?

The other one is called Leo. Those are some of my friends.

This is a cat giving me a mean look. I am mostly not friends with cats.

I hope you are well.





  1. No Snow? We have lots. You always have fun with your friends at the dog park. It is nice to see Knutty again.

  2. Cats are puzzling creatures aren't they Buster?! You have some lovely looking friends. Must be getting cold at the dog park now. Maybe you'll have some snow to romp in for Christmas!!
    Take good care Buster.

  3. I can almost sniff the messages on the rocks...almost. I like your friends- they are all very good looking and their people must love them a lot. My friend Winslow is very tall- he likes to steal my toys and wreck them, I do not mind. My cousin, Ballou, also likes to steal my toys but he sucks on them- I do not like that. Now my sucking is wrecked.
    wags and sniffs,

  4. you are a little ray of sunshine Buster!!

    I love your friends
    Olive and Leo are really big and beautiful

    cats always look like that Buster, don't worry about it

  5. You and your friends are so lucky to have a dog park and people to take you there. I love seeing you and all your pals enjoying the rocks and the sun and stuff. Watch out for those mean cats!

  6. Hi Buster, I love the picture of you and all your friends; it's so fun that everyone looks so different! I hope you and your mum are having a good December :)

  7. What a fabulous pack, Buster!
    Aren't good friends the best?

  8. do you get Pee-mail at the park like my Nikki does?


  9. And how about fatty??
    I hope she is well..

    love from grrl+ bruce

  10. Oh I love seeing Buster. How lovely that your mom reads my posts, thanks so much!
    Now Buster really you must learn to like cats a bit. My Joey might just warm up to you.

  11. What an extraordinary coat your friend in the first photo has, Buster! Its always good to catch up with your friends in the park. My two dear mutts have just had a fight - a real one, not a play one - which happens very rarely, and one of them now has a raggedy, bloody ear, so your post about friendship is a well-timed lesson!

  12. You have a good looking pack, Buster. My friends are all girls, and they mostly jump on me and then I want to go home. My mum says your coat looks so soft and silky this time of year. I got a bad haircut this weekend and now she thinks I look silly. Don't let them give you a haircut, Buster! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.