Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Stuff and Good Stuff

I have found out something. It is a plot. 
There are lots and lots and lots of Fatties.

Mum said I should give it up. Mum's friend Paz
 said her dogs were driven mad by the tribe of Fatty too.
She heard of a dog that caught one. And ate it.

Anyway breakfast is a better time of day.

I lick my face in case there is some spare butter on it.

I do not fit on the ottoman any more.
Bobby said: Can that dog get any goofier?
I do not know whether this was kind.

Love from Buster


  1. Buster, psssttt, Fattys taste just like buttered toast!

  2. Buster, my dog Buddy is driven to distraction by squirrels too, and that makes his sister Maddie crazy, and that makes their Mom & Dad crazy. So, it's not just you. And, I think you're the perfect amount of goofy!

  3. Wow Buster, you are really a big dog now - not even fitting on your ottoman! I think a bit of goof is a wonderful thing - life is more fun that way! Pat, pat.

  4. Buster Butter face- I want to lick you a lot.

  5. Buster,

    Look on the bright side, Fatty has cousins in some areas that belong to a society called glaucomys sabrinus. They are airborne as well as being tree-born. I don't think that any live in NYC but imagine if you had to contend with a flying Fatty

  6. Don't worry, Buster. Goofy is definitely a compliment!

  7. Buster, you ALWAYS make me smile! One Fatty at a time, I say. That is how you handle a big job. I get called goofy too. I think goofy is good.

  8. If you did eat a Fatty, you have to get your dad to bring butter ... Fatty's don't come prebuttered.

    You look very funny trying to fit on your ottoman. Goofy is just another word for "has a wonderful personality and is a master artist".

  9. Hi Buster,

    I like Fattys. When they come into my yard, they look at me and get scared but I don't chase them. Then they keep going to wherever it is they go.

    I like butter too. And goofy is not a bad thing to be. My Mommy is pretty goofy and I like her.

    Tell your Mum and Dad that they just need to get you a bigger ottoman.

  10. Fatties aren't so bad Buster, really they're not
    Siren has some bad memories of a family of Fatties that were not kind when he was on the streets but the Fatties here just smile at him in the window

    Mum is right, just let it go

    I don't fit on my ottoman any more either!! and trust me, no one thinks it's cute

    goofy is good

  11. Hello Buster,

    Your mom is right ... there are lots and lots of other ... squirrels, aka fatty types, and they scurry around a lot every fall preparing for winter.

    If you go uptown to Central Park, you will see so many of these ... squirrels, it will amaze you, and perhaps inspire more art.

    Another idea for autumn, is go see a parade. There will lots and lots of them every weekend soon, and most will be on Fifth Avenue. They will will be loud, and will be full of costumes and some music. You might also be inspired.

    On the other hand, you will soon figure out how to fit on that ottoman.

    Best wishes.

  12. Hi Buster,

    Are those fatties conspiring a plan to annoy all the neighborhood dogs by taunting them always? I think its time for mum to get a bigger ottoman.

    Licks, hero

  13. All those Fatties and so little time!

  14. I don't like Fatties either. The drive me to insane levels of barking; which in turn drives my parents crazy. I like goofy. Besides it is your job to keep your parents happy and I'm sure you make them smile when you are goofy.

  15. Hey there, Buster: I bet if you caught Fatty, you'd let go immediately and play with her. ;-)

    Paz (who likes goofy)