Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Quiet Week

Dad took this picture of me back home.

Bobby said I was smelly, so Mum bought special shampoo for me.
They put me in the tub. It was OK.
Now I smell lovely. This is a good thing since I met Darcy later that morning.

This is me looking at a feather which I have licked.

This is Bodie playing with me this morning.


  1. you look very reflective and handsome in the shot your Dad took

    and I bet Darcy appreciated how lovely you smell

  2. Buster, you look just adorable in the picture your Dad took and in the bath tub...

    Hope things are going well with you and Darcy and she appreciates your new scent.

  3. You are the most handsome other dog I ever did see! I am not handsome- I am scruffy and according to the cute scale- I am way off it- over the top. I got THREE baths this week! My person put my picture on blog- I like the word "blog" it sounds like US!I hope you like to be back at home with your friends and (sigh) Darcy...I howl in her general direction! By the way, have you ever tried to dig a hole in your city? Be careful- if you fall into the hole you may not come back- just something I overheard- tales at the doggie park...tail tale tells.

  4. Myself, I love a quiet week. Bodie admires you! Pat, pat Buster.

  5. Oh Buster, tell your Mom to frame that first picture! You look so handsome!

  6. Hi Buster,
    You look very handsome, clean or dirty! But I'm sure Darcy will be impressed because you have some nice fluff to your fur after your bath. My Mommy has a groomer appointment for me on Tuesday. I get shaved and I like it because it makes me run faster. Mommy says the groomer's tub will end up looking like a mudbath from me.

    Bwwwwwfs from Emma

  7. I love that first picture of you looking all pensive, Buster!
    I'm gonna get a bath today, too!
    Your pal,

  8. Hello Buster,

    Your surely know that you have a noble profile! I think that many more photos will be taken of you in that pose. (Well, I know that you really don't post, and that what really happens is that talented photographers just catch that magic!)

    Think of the bath as a splashing pool with a bit of soap. If your mom keeps the soap out of your beautiful eyes (and I know that she will try to do so) you will get out of that bath as a fresh fluffy, and very appealing to all, Buster.)

    (Do not tell your mom, but my favorite dog used to love to go for dips in a neighborhood creek. He loved the adventure of those dips, and always seemed a bit insulted when they often led to shampoos in the bath. Adventure comes at a cost.)

    Best wishes.

  9. Buster, I did mean

    really don't pose ... we know that you really do post!

  10. Buster, you look a wee bit scared of the bath, but you are now so fresh and fluffy, I can smell your lovliness all the way from WM.

  11. Ok,
    I've figured out that Fatty is a squirrel.. now I am glad you like the way you smell now, Baxter says the best way to get your good old dog smell back is some dead pidgeon.

    They are plentiful, small enough so MUM wont see it, and you can be on it, roll and off before she realizes.

  12. Looks like you are in the tub with mum LOL.

  13. Buster you are the best dog of all time. Do you know that there are some silly dogs who are afraid of baths? Can you imagine? Of course you can't, you are so valiant and noble!

    Now, will you be putting your pre-licked feather in your next art piece?

  14. Hi Buster,

    You're a good boy for not putting a fuss when bathing. I don't like the fresh shampoo smell but my hoomans do.

    Licks, hero

  15. Looking terrific there, Buster! :o) ((HUGS))

  16. You deserve a quiet week after all the excitement you have had lately! It looks like you had fun even if it was quiet. Buster, I know you are a rescue but what kind of pup are you? My mom thinks you have the cutest face but we don't know what breed you are.