Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dad and me saw an old car. Dad is going to take a picture of it.

I do not fit in Mum's chair any more, but I do try.
They sometimes laugh at me. As my brother said many years ago:
Parents are meant to look after their kids not laugh at them.

This is an art work I did which has balance in it.
I 'altered' Mum's card for the laundry.
She said it had $16 left on it, and why did I do that?

This is me with my head underwater.

I was looking for my tennis ball.

Now I have got it.

love from 


  1. Hi Buster,
    My Mommy laughs at me all the time. She says I am a comedienne. As for the chair, I have found that hanging across it or squishing up in it works pretty well too. I think your Mum and Dad would like it even better if you did that immediately after sticking your head in the pool and getting very wet. My Mommy makes some very weird noises when I do that so she must like it.

    Bwwwwwfs from Emma

  2. Buster -

    They aren't laughting AT you - they are laughing WITH you! Yeah, right! I certainly hope your mom can get her money back from your "art work." That is a lot of money to lose in the name of art!

  3. I'm so glad you found your tennis ball
    perhaps you should concentrate on balls as art material and leave laundry tickets alone
    besides - paper is so yesterday

  4. Hey Buster, It looks like you have a good life and a good time. I am glad to meet you.

  5. It makes my day to see how you enjoy life. Keep up the art work even if you get criticisms on your chosen medium.

  6. A parent's reward is the laughter Buster. Pat, pat.

  7. My person is oh-ing and ah-ing and laughing big laughs this time looking at your chair sitting skills and your fabulous art work- sometimes art is expensive to make-your head in the water...that one scares me a little. If I could run around with you i would be your best buddy- I found a toy yesterday and thought about you because it was tough and could stand up to wolf gnashing,but it did not squeeek - it was just sort of lumpish so I did not make my person buy it for you.I did not get a new toy either, I got flea medicine instead.

  8. Hey Buster! My mom and dad laugh at me constantly. I have gotten used to it in my 10 years, you will get used to it too. Thanks for answering my question. I could care less what breed you are but Mom is always telling me how cute you are and we were just curious. She told me thought you were probably a mix but still not sure what kind. I like hounds, of course, so I say you are a hound! I have an award for you so stop by and pick it up when you have time.

  9. Hi Buster,

    I was worried when I saw your head under the water!... only to realize you were reaching for the ball. Good one! Great art work too... but I guess mum's not too impressed huh :)

    Licks, hero

  10. Hi dear Buster!
    You always look adorable! Love your street, it is very beautiful!

  11. Ohhhh look at that face! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you last weekend, Buster.

  12. Excellent diving skills. Your pool is really deep.