Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where's Fatty?

This is a game.
See if you can find evil Fatty!

This is me looking at her.

My first day back at the dog park. Me on the extreme left.
Not so pretty as the country but lots of company.
The beagles thought Mum had stuff in her bag. Beagles sniff a lot.

Mum says I sometimes look goofy.

Note from Mum:
I am having a cushion made with a portrait of his eminence made by Bags of Love.
Buster wants his portrait printed on canvas too!
He may get his wish.....!


  1. that was a very easy game! I found fatty

    the dog park has lots of rocks to climb, that must be fun

    I think goofy is good

  2. Hi Buster,
    My Mommy says I am part beagle and that my nose is 100% beagle. She calls me Miss Beagle Head. It took us 15 minutes to go 2 blocks this morning because I had a lot to sniff. Mommy says that is a long time but I think she just needs to walk lower.
    Fatty looks happy to see you!
    And that's a handsome tushy shot in the dog park.

    Bwwwwwfs from Emma

  3. Buster, you and your mum are too much fun, I would say. I LOVE you blog.

    Harley is getting clipped tomorrow :-(....she got all matted all of a sudden. I like her "dreads".

  4. Buster, your blog always makes me smile. I'm sure Fatty missed you.

  5. Grumph! Can't dig a hole in the hard stuff. I like parks - lots of messages get left- I read them all - filled up my nose- my person says it is like reading the Sunday times but more better- more sensational! I sniffed so much yesterday that my back feet came right off of the ground and then I up-chucked ,right there! I am awesome.

    Your pictures are way handsome, not goofy, unless goofy is a good rolling in beach detritus,Mmmmm, I want to chase Fatty ,a lot. You are lucky, I only have an old kitty to chase. Sometimes i can scare him but, like now for instance ,he is just lieing beside me in the patch of warm.

  6. Buster,

    what is fatty?
    Because whatever she is, I dont think they make them in Australia.

    She is cheeky and I know Baxter would want to play with her. Or eat her.

  7. can we come play with Buster, he is just too charming!!

  8. WOOF!! dont mess with me. this game is called guess what dog i am. YAY you got it right!!!
    im a Great Dane

    woof from cassie